A flexible LED screen is comprised of LED pixels pitched on a malleable material like PCB. It is protected utilizing transparent material on the two sides to shield the LED circuit from getting harmed. This construction makes the Flexible LED Display profoundly tough. Therefore, they can be easily flexed during establishment and still convey fresh pictures.

Flexible LED Display

An adaptable video screen comprises numerous fordable LED screens mounted together. It can take various shapes relying upon how the singular screens are orchestrated. The flexible LED screens are joined utilizing magnets along their outskirts to make a consistent video divider show.

Transparent LED Display

As far as establishment, flexible LED video dividers can be mounted in practically any plan. Different benefits of this kind of LED show include:

• A space-saving design as the LEDs are not mounted on a strong substrate.

• Flexible LED display is easy to install

• It is highly adaptable as far as size, shape, and pixel pitch.

• Easy to keep up with as the LED circuits are effectively available.

• It can undoubtedly be mounted and collapsed for capacity or transportation.

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