The first and foremost question which arises is what is rehydration and how it is done?

The process of rehydration is like rehabilitation of lost water (dehydration) to the body fluids and tissues. Immediate rehydration is important when dehydration occurs because of deficiency in drinking water, exposure, diarrhea, or medication use. Rehydration is possible with oral rehydration therapy or by injecting the control of fluids.


Let’s now have a look on the Best Rehydration Drink which is ideal for a human body at the time of rehydration. 


#1. Tea and Coffee 

In having the tea and coffee there is an incentive amount of caffeine is present which temporarily dehydrates in excess amounts and act like a diuretic(water pillars). 


However, taking tea and coffee in reasonable amounts may be more hydrating than drinking water and assist as the best alternative for energizing.  

Also if you are not liking these beverages in a simple way. Try with the mixture of sugarless almonds milk to your coffee, or spices and herbs like lemongrass, cinnamon, tulsi leaves and nutmeg to your tea. 


#2 Oral hydration solutions

These are rehydration solutions that are used to cure and inhibit the dehydration triggered by vomiting or diarrhea. 

These are also recommended to cure hangovers or at the time of the recovery from bolster exercises. 

Generally, they are water solutions and possess the electrolytes like chloride, potassium and magnesium, and sugar in the form of dextrose.

Hence, rehydration drinks are a substitute for the lost fluids and electrolytes. And they can found expensive too


#3 Foam and low-fat milk

When we talk about catering out the host of nutrients, then milk consists of the best properties of hydrating. Generally, milk helps us to maintain an adequate level of water in our body as it consists of a high concentration of electrolytes. 

As per the study, it is considered that foam and low-fat milk helps you in rehydration. Also, they provide extra nutrients and proteins to your body. 

Furthermore, milk is filled with proteins and carbohydrates and it is considered the best post-exercise drink to again kick-start and begin your rebuilding process. 


#4 Water 


Not to surprise! As water comes in the prime and reasonable method to stay hydrated and rehydrated.  Water is dissimilar from other brews and it posses no calories or sugar, drinking water for the entire day is considered ideal or especially in the case of a workout where you need to rehydrate yourself.  


However, there are several factors that consist of genetics that cause people to give up their sodium via their sweat than others. If you are a “salty sweater” then you must be having regular cramps in muscles with exercise or if your eyes get burn with the sweat. If such things happen to you then try to supersede the sodium level with the fluid which has been lost after a long period of exercise. 

#5 vegetables and Fruits 


These are considered to be flawless hydrating refreshments and comprise at least  70-90% of the water. And in comparison with this packed foods like cakes, cookies, chips and cereals possess only 1-9% of water. 


The highest water which can be found in fruits and vegetables are :

  • berries
  • melons
  • oranges
  • grapes
  • carrots
  • lettuce
  • cabbage
  • spinach

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