Getting high-quality and relevant backlinks from authoritative websites is a robust SEO strategy. In recent years many algorithms of Google have changed a lot other than backlinks. Still, the website has the most, and high-quality backlinks get a high rank in SERPs. So, whether you are taking an advance SEO training course in Laxmi Nagar or already a professional. You all must know that some of its major types of backlinks can multiply the traffic. Hence, before taking any digital marketing classes in Delhi understand significant types of backlinks. 

#1. Guest post backlinks

Guest post backlinks are also an excellent way that can build link juice. It is one of the most common and preferred ways to generate quality links. The sites that allow guest posting, you can get a valuable do-follow backlink. These backlinks also help in increasing the authority of the website. Hence, every SEO professional should work on getting links from the guest post. 

#2. Press backlinks

Press backlinks are powerful and also nofollow backlinks. But still, it's a powerful and impactful backlink that many marketers prefer. It increases brand awareness and also increases site authority. Many advance SEO training courses in Laxmi Nagar recommend taking press backlinks as well. As they can help a website to bring mass level traffic and convert them. 

#3. A backlink from the business profile

Backlinks from the business profile are also an essential type of backlinks. These backlinks you can get by creating business profiles on social media pages. Moreover, these links you can also get from business directories, listing sites, and review sites. With these links, the search engine understands that the site is well organized. 

#4. Editorial backlinks

Editorial backlinks from authoritative sites are precious. When other high authorities cite your company's high-quality content to support their work. Then it is considered as the editorial backlink, and these backlinks are natural. If you publish high-quality and evergreen content that has concrete terms as well. There are many sites that like to use your post as their content's reference. Thus, if you take digital marketing classes in Delhi then you must learn to develop a strong post. 

#5. Free tool backlink

Free tool backlinks are a clever way of getting backlinks to the site. It is also one of the essential types of backlinks as it helps in SEO for a long-lasting time. Here you develop industry-relevant and straightforward tools and offer them to users for free. By doing this, many review sites and other websites can give do-follow links. 

#6. Comment backlinks

Comment backlink is the most common type of backlink, and mostly it's nofollow. Nofollow backlinks do not have a super SEO booster impact on the site. But still, it is helpful in many ways to bring quality traffic. By commenting on right and industry-related sites, you can get relevant backlinks. 


So, these are some major types of backlinks that you can implement in your SEO strategy. But still taking advance SEO training courses in Laxmi Nagar ensures you use these wisely. Hence, if you look for an SEO course in Laxmi Nagar or learn backlinks and SEO. In that case, you will have more profound knowledge to use as an SEO booster technique.