A king-size mattress is a perfect mattress for couples looking for more than enough sleeping space in their master bedroom. If you have enough room to fit both a king-size bed and the bed frame, why not splurge on a standard king-size mattress or an even bigger bed?

Before you purchase your new mattress, it's important to know the exact mattress dimensions for each type of bed to ensure you have enough space in your room to fit your new bed. The best mattress will provide unbeatable comfort while also perfectly matching your room size.

So, before you make the big decision on your new mattress, let's go over all of the different mattress dimensions.

What are the different king-size mattress dimensions?

We'll start with the biggest of the bunch: the king-size mattress.

A standard king-size bed measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. For larger individuals who may need the extra space, or couples who enjoy their personal space, you can't go wrong with a king-size mattress. You can also combine two twin XL beds to form what is known as a split king.

If the measurements of a standard king don't work for you, there are other variations of a king bed that may suit your needs. Know here about full size bed dimensions.

A California king mattress is ideal for tall people. The California king-size provides four inches of extra length (84"), though it is four inches thinner at 72". California king beds are made especially for taller individuals who need additional legroom.

An even larger mattress is the Alaskan king, which is a whopping 108" x 108". Obviously, for a significantly larger bed like this, you will need a bigger master bedroom.

Other standard mattress sizes

Queen-size mattress: The most popular mattress size is the queen-size bed. At 60" x 80", you get more than enough inches of space for both you and your partner. Know here about queen size bed dimensions.

Full-size mattress: Also known as a double bed, a full-size bed is a good choice for single sleepers who may not need such a large bed as a queen-size or king-size mattress. These are often found in college dorm rooms or guest rooms as they are perfect for single adults. Full-size mattresses measure 54" x 74" while full XL beds add six extra inches of length.

Twin-size mattress: Twin beds are for smaller rooms and are a popular choice among teens as they measure 38" x 75". Twin XL beds measure five inches longer at 80". Oftentimes, Twin-size mattresses are stacked to form bunk beds to save space.

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