There are numerous key aspects to keep in mind when developing a site, some of greater significance than others. The tips laid out here are by no means comprehensive and represent only a few of the major techniques to follow or to avoid if you want to perform well in search engine rankings.


Firstly, the use of semantic code is extremely beneficial as it makes it easier for search engines to understand your content. This is because the semantic web represents a vision of information that is understandable by computers. It is a progression from the ability of computers to simply read, but not comprehend, the meaning of meta-data.


The next aspect is one that should be avoided rather than adhered to is the use of Adobe Flash for navigation purposes. Google is unable to read Flash navigation and so will be unable to pick up on the all-important content within your site. This brings us to the idea of content as king.


As such, it should be the focus of your attention. By offering frequently updated content on your site, you will improve the site's reputation in the eyes of Google and other search engines. In addition to this, splash pages should also be avoided; they serve to detract from the site's main content while providing an unnecessary barrier to the royal material.


The final aspect considered is keyword stuffing. In terms of SEO Web Design, this technique is highly crucial to a site's long-term performance. This process is common throughout the web, often being implemented without the user being aware of the error of their ways. This Black Hat technique, although it may provide short-term results, will ruin a site's credibility within search engines after an equally short time frame.


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