In the competitive mode you may choose to work hard, so you can get the 10th season reward and know when the Rockets League season 11 begins. It’s a fun moment to become a Rocket League fan right away, as it has just been acquired by Epic Games and the game will enter the Epic Games store later this year.

In this guide, we'll provide everything we know about the upcoming season, from the start date to what it might bring to the game, so you can be ready to hit the leaderboard again after the time comes.

When will the Rockets' 11th season begin? Season 10 is one of the Rockets' shortest competition seasons, lasting only three months. Maybe this is a good thing if you are going to wipe the slate clean as this also means the 11th season is coming.

May 13 is the end date of the 10th season and the start date of the 11th season, which means that based on your current level of competition, you will receive any rewards accumulated over the past three months. The rewards include your
Rocket League Items , which ranks as the target explodes, from bronze to champion.

If you are a small part of a player who has won a grand prize in the highly competitive Rockets League, you will also get the title of the game in your competition mode and all the regular target explosions.

All in all, it will take a few weeks before the game software resets the progress of the next season to improve the rankings and get better rewards. The soft reset is that you have to play 10 more games, but if you play at the same level, you are likely to keep your 10th rank (if it is lower) because your MMR will not wipe zero. Just hidden.

What are our expectations for the Rockets' season 11? Given that Rocket League developer Psyonix has just been acquired by Fortnite giant Epic Games, we imagine they would like to make an impression in the 11th season. The game is still available on Steam, but it is believed to eventually be removed. Once the game is exchanged to the Epic Games store later this year, it will be sold, or Rocket League Items can be purchased at the store.

Psyonix plans to "utilize" their new agreement with Epic "developing games in ways we have not been able to do before" and we can infer that this means more updates and content.

With the advent of Rocket Pass installments last year, you can see where Psyonix learns from its new business partners because it brings weekly challenges in the cosmetics suite.

Although the 10th season patch does not add too many new Curveball variants to the game, and can create additional modes such as Dropshot and Rumble in free games, the 11th season may solve more known issues raised by the community. As of now, we don't know what will happen, content.