It can be challenging to sell houses these days, any real estate agent would probably agree. And they know what they are doing!  So, can you imagine how challenging it is to sell a house by FSBO? Of course, every real estate agent you talk to will tell you they don’t recommend doing that, but they want the commission that your house can bring them.

 And it is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort on your part. But, when you weigh the benefits, with the biggest one being the 3% to 6% commission you’ll be saving, its understandable why more and more homeowners are going that direction. In fact, it has been reported that it one out of every four homes sold today were sold FSBO method. Guaranteed Sold Program Calgary



 Or, if easy and fast your desire to sell your house privately, Calgary area has the advantage of here to do it for you. We buy houses in any condition, there are no repairs needed before it’s sold, and best of all, there is no commission or fees for you to worry about. We make the selling process easy and fast.

 But, if you’ve been thinking “I want to sell my house privately without a realtor, but I don’t know how”, we have 7 steps that can get you started. 


  1. The Right Price:

Of course, you want as much as you can get for your home, but you don’t want to overprice it either. right? Start by checking the comps in your neighborhood, something that a realtor will do as well. You can surf the internet or read the newspaper to see what houses like yours are going for.


You may want to consider paying for a professional appraisal. While that is money out of your pocket, it won’t be as much as the commission a realtor would take. And the documentation you get from the professional appraisal will be a good selling tool to share with prospective buyers. Because the housing market fluctuates each day, you should revisit the internet and newspaper and make sure prices haven’t increased, or worse, decreased. we buy houses edmonton

  1. The Show and Sell Process:


We’ve all heard that first impressions are everything, and that couldn’t be truer than in the real estate industry. This means you need to make your home show ready, starting with cleaning and de-cluttering, fix or replace what you can, both exterior and interior. Take the time to walk through your house as if you were the buyer and make sure every room and the outside is show-ready.


  1. Show It To Sell It


Now that you have your home show-ready and have posted ads on the internet, in the newspaper, and placed signs around, you should start getting phone calls. Get the name and phone number of everyone that calls asking about the house, even if they don’t schedule a showing.  This will be good information to have as a follow up later.


Put away any confidential materials and valuables before a showing and don’t schedule too many at one time, never schedule more than one at a time either. Potential buyers shouldn’t feel crowded or rushed and you need to be available to answer any concerns or questions a buyer may have. Create a file with all the documentation and receipts from repairs or replacements you’ve done and offer to allow prospective buyers to review them.



  1. Negotiation Time

Any offer you receive, it is worth the cost to have a real estate attorney to review them. The legal terms of real estate are confusing and can be overwhelming for anybody that doesn’t have legal or real estate experience. Review specifics like a deposit paid by the buyer or if they are requesting any adjustments or special conditions. Is the closing date acceptable for you? 


Keep your own end goal in mind and review each offer with great consideration before you accept or reject an offer, and remember, you can always present a counteroffer.


  1. The Agreement

Once you have an agreement with a buyer, you need to exchange names and addresses with each other as well as any lawyers and/or real estate agent. Request the buyer to present the agreement to you after it being drafted and/or reviewed by their lawyer or agent, then forward that to your own real estate lawyer to review. Any buyer that is hesitant about this step could be an indication of how much faith you can put in their following through with the deal.


  1. Time To Close:

After you have reached an agreed price and terms, you need to choose a closing date that is acceptable for all parties. It is at this time you will exchange money for keys unless there is any special condition like rent back, which allow you the seller, time to pack and move.


  1. Time To Celebrate!

After your closing has completed, you can celebrate and with more in your pocket than you would have because you aren’t paying 3% to 6% to a real estate agent.  Congratulations!

 Any Concerns or Questions – Give Us A Call

 If these 7 steps sound like more than you want to handle, or you’re looking to sell your home fast and privately, Calgary area is our specialty here at  Give us a call and tell us “I want to sell my house without realtor”, we’ll make an appointment with you and give you an offer the same day. No hassle with repairs and replacement for showings. No fees or commissions. We make it fast and easy and you make money.

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