The Rocket League summer roadmap has just been released, detailing the upcoming game content in the coming months.

With the upcoming "Rocket League's largest in-game event" in the next month, Psyonix hints at a new party system that will allow teammates to form a party on the post-match screen.

This will mean and your teammates to become team, queue as much as the next game, exchange platform profiles, first add the other as friends, then join the overall game together, and also give Rocket League Items to one another. Of course, you may also play alone.

Rocket League players are actually asking for this feature for a long time because it is missing from your Rocket League and is particularly now available in lots of popular games, for example Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, etc.

Finding and keeping the teammates amongst people is also an essential social aspect of the on-line experience, that helped me find many friends. Since the Rocket League is often a community-oriented game, this feature is definitely a problem. After locating a teammate, you are able to click and continue the action, and playing mafia wars with friends is amongst the most interesting experiences.

In addition to allowing for simpler team building, the Party-Up feature is expected to line up solo in competitive playlists, because you can easily find great teammates and players will be able to better use XP bonus queues as a party, which is absolutely Unlike the Rocket League Keys you got in the game. It should also reduce your friends list because you no longer need to have dozens of random friends just tagged "Rocket League".

According to the summer roadmap, players can expect to launch this feature "later this year" while improving the quality of life in trading and inventory management.