Earlier this week, the studio behind the popular multiplayer Rocket League - Psyonix announced that they had been acquired by Epic Games. Since then, many users have expressed their concerns about the future availability of Rocket League on the Valve platform. This caused the game to be bombed on Steam, making the rating from very aggressive to mixed, and even the security of the Rocket League Keys became confusing because of the interference. Because of this, Valve had to try to lighten a lot of angry commentary flooding games.

For now, you can still see actual comments, most of which refer to Epic Games in some way. The rating has rebounded to be very positive, but we suspect it will stop a lot of negative emotions around this title. After announcing the move to the Epic platform, this is not the first time a comment bombing of the game.

When Metro Exodus announced, the first two games on Steam were hit by angry reviews from players - even though they were still available in Valve's service. The developer Gearbox software was also affected, causing Valve to step on a comment bomb about the upcoming epic of Borderlands 3.

Many players cite various missing features and concerns about security in the Epic platform. However, Epic Games does provide developers with better deals, so the reason they switch is not surprising. Some Rocket League Items do come from sending fuzzy information about the future of the game on Steam. At present, there is no definitive answer to the platform for the future of the game, except that it is currently on Steam.