The flu season is upon us and everyone is falling sick. Since the flu is a contagious virus, it is quite hard to escape. However, there are ways in which you can fight against it and prevent yourself from falling prey to it. Read on to find some tips that can help you save yourself from the clutches of the nasty flu.


Get Yourself Vaccinated

Getting the flu vaccination is one of the simplest and most effective means of flu prevention. To make sure your vaccine is working optimally, you need to make sure that you get vaccinated before any symptoms so that your body develops protection against the flu. The flu vaccine is readily available and you can get it from any medical centre. Getting vaccinated will not only ensure that you don’t catch the flu but also keep others around you safe from flu germs too, since you won’t pass them on to anyone .

Regularly Wash Your Hands

The germs from the flu tend to stick to your hands and then enter the body when you eat something along with your food. So, washing your hands before eating anything is a good way of ensuring that the flu virus doesn’t enter your body. While washing hands before meals is pretty much a prerequisite in any season, during flu season, you should get into the habit of hand washing more often. This becomes increasingly important when you are coming from a public place like a movie theatre or a school.

Stay Away from the Sick People

Since the flu is a contagious virus, you can get infected if you come into contact with a person suffering from it. So, keeping your distance from people who are coughing or sneezing is a no-brainer. Even if a person isn’t looking sick, they might be carrying the germs that can infect you. Therefore it is best to maintain your distance from them and maintain hygienic practices.

Stay active

Having a strong immune system includes having a healthy diet, exercising regularly and being positive and happy. Going for a run can increase endorphins and leave you feeling fit and strong. If your body is strong and healthy then it has a better chance at fighting off a flu quicker. There are plenty of gyms that you can go to where there are yoga classes, HIIT programs and just your standard weights.

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