It is a fact that people today are very fond of Japanese Kit Kat Bars. They are available in various different flavors that not only give you amazing taste but also enrich with foods that also promotes good health.


Japanese Kit kat Bars that perfectly blend with different fruits like:-


For Japanese, strawberry is a sign of sweetness and innocence and they also love its cute heart shape look. They love this strawberry fruit so much that they put it on cakes. Strawberry flavor of kitkat is just awesome and very much tasty that you can’t stop your hands to pick this one. At first, when you place this strawberry chocolate in your mouth it tastes like white chocolate that is overloaded with delicious and sweet taste. Sparking taste of fruit, hits you in meanwhile. At last, it leaves gritty taste feeling in your mouth. 

Citrus Golden Blend

These are the best lemon Japanese cookies. You can also buy Japanese cookies online. These Citrus golden blend cookies give a refreshing feel and taste of orange. Moreover, these cookies also promote health with great taste. At first these cookies taste cool but after some time you experience citrus sharp gum because of its orange flavor. It is to know that a glass of orange juice is less citrus than compare to these citrus golden blend cookies.

Shinshu Apple

This Kitkat is the best for apple lovers as it perfectly blended with baked apples, apples with caramel and cinnamon flavors. Its taste is just similar like alcohol of apple flavor. The chemical taste is perfectly hold by the base of dark chocolate and is also appreciated for this job. You can easily buy this Japanese Kit Kat online at affordable rates.


Purple Sweet Potato

Before you must have never taste this purple sweet potato kitkat and also never heard its name. While chewing this purple kitkat you get hint of blue berry, but it just an imagination that you associate with its color. Taste of this kitkat is very sweet and refreshing. You can also accomplish this with your food for getting sweet and flavored taste.

Hot Japanese Chili

Hot Japanese chili is a modern combination of chocolate with hot peppers. In America, dark chocolate is used with chipotles or chilies of ancho that give bitter sinful sweetness. Burn of this hot Japanese chili is just amazing. At first, you feel normal with this. After some time you get a tickle feel.  And at last you find that your mouth catches fire that it feels very spicy. 

Cinnamon Cookie

Taste of Cinnamon Cookie is delicious, especially when it gets involved with white chocolate. You can easily order these Japanese cookies online for getting tasty and delicious taste.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake is mixture of white chocolate with strawberry flavor. This candy gives pleasant taste to mouth and acts like a healthy stuff to body as because it prepared from natural fruit ingredients of strawberry.

These are some best and different flavors with Japanese kitkat and cookies which taste so delicious and amazing that you must try these at least for once.