Making your target audience more interested in using your video conferencing app is the success behind your venture. Take an example, users who access/attend the virtual meeting through the desktop can use the Snapchat filter on the Zoom call. 

With Zoom calls, using the cartoon filters will enhance the backgrounds when users attend virtual interaction. Why make the meeting boring with the usual background? It’s quite interesting with the change of the entire appearance. Using the Snap Camera and Zoom simultaneously, users can experiment with a plethora of filters.  

Its streamlined workflow makes many users try out this new filter without difficulties. To do this, users have the Zoom app installed on their desktops. Then, they have to install the Snap Camera app, which needs microphone and camera access. Once done with the initial setup, they have to start Zoom and set Snap Camera as a camera input. Next, they have to choose their preferred filter from the Snap Camera app. 

This Cartoon Style filter will be present underneath the camera feed. They can use it after selecting it and also they can switch between the filters while they are using it. It is one promising feature that catches everyone’s attention in a short span. Therefore, consider integrating this kind of filter in your video conferencing app. This will pave the way for you to stand apart from the competition and survive the thriving market, competing with the big players like Zoom. 

Access to third-party apps while attending a video call

Recently, Zoom has introduced its app through which users can use third-party apps when attending a video call. Some accessible apps are Asana, Pexels, Dropbox Spaces, and etc. Carlin Sack, product marketing manager, said users can switch between multiple Zoom apps all at once. 

For instance, when the app users are using an office's Zoom account, the IT admin has the authority to control how apps are being used across the company with the admin settings. 

Taking a keynote, the users' demands and expectations have to be in mind while developing a video conferencing app. Accessibility of third-party apps in Zoom is a promising example that elevates the number of app downloads. So, preferring the third-party app's integrations with your app is one strategy to make new users.  

Final thoughts

Therefore, perform market research, competitor analysis, and understand the target audience. Hopefully, this blog has given insights into an overview of these aspects, which will help you when developing a Zoom like app