Being at a hardcore type can be fun. It is completely what you make of this. The requirement is only time. I was able to raid something like monday - thursday 8pm-12am. And that the raiding part. You absolutely have to commit all sorts of time aside from the foundation 16 hours each week of raiding. Back when I was playing WoW Classic Gold heavily I likely would play just like 40 hours per week and absolutely loved it. In hindsight I wish I hadn't wasted so much time on a video game, but in the time it was the thing which made me happy. At this point I wouldn't recommend anyone get to a hardcore guild, but I have given up gambling entirely because I repent the time that I spent maybe not living my life in a more effective way.

I had been in a naxx 40 clearing I raided each and every day for 5 hours on voice conversation. They advised us you either raid 7 days a week or two kick. So I remained and within 3 weeks we had been draining c'thun per week and moving onto naxx. We did not need to farm pots or anything but we needed to purchase flasks along with the guild compensated for some pots, but during the AQ40 unlock occasion everybody was expected to put out 12 hour shifts farming the silithus dinosaurs to its war effort.

Nearly all of this isn't right. The raids in vanilla can be cleared in one evening MC/BWL/Ony or AQ/Naxx. You won't return to MC/BWL after Naxx is out. Speed runs for MC are BWL beneath 30, under 20 minutes. You compete and can maintain a hardcore raid. ZG has some good stuff so perhaps another hour per week until you have exactly what you need. The planet bosses do not have loot thats worth carrying them are killed fast by a mix of individuals from various guilds.

You do not NEED alts to maintain a high guild just like you do on live, the meta isn't changing and you do not have to run splits because there is time to gear up between the raid releases and there's just one difficulty.Being in a casual guild is what's going to require a huge amount of time. Wiping over and above, learning the fights, attempting to do things without the ideal consumables that people refuse to get Buy Gold in WoW Classic. You might spend 2-3 nights a week progressing or not progressing in a casual guild, while the hardcore guilds will smash right through night 1 and be done with it til reset.