A classic (10+ years old) game, that despite frequent updates & changes throughout the years, is still considered to RuneScape Gold be a classic, and is not the "next big trend" (like MOH & Counterstrike there are still plenty of players but not regularly maintained, aside from servers on the internet which are usually player responsibilities).

Runescape is regarded as an "starter/kiddie MMORPG" by a lot of gamers. As mentioned in point 1, regular maintenance and updates over time belie this perception. This makes the game more depth and quality than rumours, but many won’t even look due to the information they've heard.

A poor marketing strategy. Jagex/Insight Ventures still rely mainly on web based advertising & word of mouth, with certain exceptions, such as the Gamer Awards and occasional TV advertising in limited countries, bringing the game to the notice of those who otherwise wouldn't be aware. 

Runescape is rarely mentioned in mainstream news articles. There are a few cases of pedophiles and scammers however this isn't the kind of coverage Runescape merits.The SORWT SOF is an attempt to maintain cash flow from a community that is reducing with the aging population and cutting down on play, and with fewer new players joining each year, but not solving the issues I mentioned above. 

This is a minimum-cost solution to a problem that has actually caused more. While I am not a financial professional and don't have the ability to 2007 RS Items review the books, the constant tweaks indicate it is not performing the job.