Golf DFS is one of the best experiences, and the four-day fantasy golf might also be one of the worst. If you have not played fantasy golf before, this article is here to guide you. You learn how golf DFS works, the tournaments. Also, you do not need too much knowledge to understand golf. But let us examine some basic principles of the golf DFS game. If you are ready, let's get to it.

How Golf Tournaments Works

The golf tournaments typically take over four rounds. The first round is usually on Tuesday, while the last one is on Sunday. Most of these tournaments have somewhere around 132 to 156 golfers, and also, there is always a cut that happens after two rounds. This cut decreases the field to the top 65, and those golfers are the ones to play in the weekend games. If more than 78 golfers are included after the cut in the top 65, plus the ties, the experts will perform another amount until they get the field near 65.

It is truly imperative to find most of your guys across the cut when it comes to a fantasy golf sense. Usually, players who do not play during the weekend do not get points for your roasters. That is why most people consider Fridays the most crucial day of the tournament and the final round on Sunday. If you find all your golfers over to the two last games, you might be sitting well in your contests for the week.

Some little fields do not usually feature a cut after the second round. However, you will be working above parameters all 90% of the time.

Know the Scoring System

The Scoring system is usually underrated but is an essential component when it comes to playing fantasy golf. Many sites have scoring systems that reward birdies well. A birdie stretch of two holes will score you continuously and, therefore, ensure you know the format before you get into betting. If your preferred betting site values volatile players, you can go for guys like Brook Koepka and Dustin Johnson. 

And if it values stability, you need to for guys like Jim Furyk and Bill Haas. If you are a newbie to golf betting, you might not know who the volatile players are on top of your head. However, you do not need to fear because the PGA TOUR has a birdie average stat for you to find on the wealth of statistics, and this will show you the guys who are volatile per round.

Final Thought

Golf DFS is fun to play, but you need to learn how sports work. Ensure that you are listening to experts because they are legit sites out there that might help you. You also need to attack the information on golf that is out there and consume it. You also do not have to fear and ensure that you ask questions on your golf betting journey. Enjoy your trip and good luck.