According to the survey, in a person's life about 1/3 of the time period are used in the quality of sleep, in other words, people will have 1/3 of the time period must be spent with the pillow, can say without exaggeration, a枕頭 pillow's merits and demerits can also affect the merits of sleep, and the market also has a variety of pillows, but if you can not pick a suitable pillow, it will obviously affect people's Sleep, and sometimes lead to the pillow, frozen shoulder and other diseases. Therefore, in order to sleep well, the pillow is very important, how exactly to choose? Teach you 3 moves, choose the best pillow.

1. How much the pillow is important

Daily life some people like to sleep on a high pillow, some people like a lower pillow, and even immediately do not sleep on the pillow, but in fact too high and too low pillow are not conducive to people's physical and mental health, the pillow is too high, the top of everyone's head, the neck area compared to other parts of the body will be much higher, which will harm people's blood 洗面毛巾circulation system, resulting in the body's venous blood flow back to the human brain more difficult, but also Resulting in the whole body of the neck muscles, tendons get stretched, very easy to suffer damage. And the pillow is too low will affect the face of the venous blood flow back, so sleep low pillow face is very easy to edema, and the pillow is too low is easy to cause nasal mucosa hematoma swelling, endangering inhalation, resulting in open-mouth breathing, snoring and other conditions, so we have to pick a suitable relative height of the pillow can promote sleep.

2. Pillow hard and soft

The hard and soft layer of the pillow is also harmful to people's sleep is important, the pillow is too soft, will not be able to maintain the top of the head in a suitable relative height, so that the neck bear too heavy work pressure, aggravate the strain on the neck muscles, resulting in neck pain the next day. Pillow solid will reduce the top of the head and the total area of the pillow touch, the hair will appear very uncomfortable feeling, too hard pillow will cause extrusion of the cervical vertebrae, long-term extrusion will lead to blockage of the capillaries inside the condition. The specific case of the body's blood circulation system is not smooth is very dangerous, not only will cause harm to the cervical vertebrae, and cervical vertebrae capillaries and capillaries in the brain interconnected, once caused by blockage, but also lead to a lack of oxygen in the brain, and lack of oxygen to the brain will be very easy to lead to room rest. And also the shape of the cervical vertebrae position will cause harm, very easy to lead to cervical tilt.

3. The pillow look

The effect of the pillow is to maintain the normal body curve, so that people can sleep at night to ensure that the regular body shape, so that all people will maintain the regular situation, but the traditional pillow only pay attention to the head and ignore the need for the neck, so when you use the traditional pillow, it is easier to occur in the neck very muscle stiffness, sore feeling, that is because the traditional pillow can not effectively cater to the curve of the neck, resulting in the neck all night in a tilted situation, so it is easier to occur in the neck stiffness, sore disease.

The above few are the first problems we must pay special attention to when selecting a pillow, a good pillow decision-making our sleep, so pay great attention to the selection of the pillow, select a suitable pillow can make us rest after the energy, full of vitality.

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