Know that there have been changes to the field, check-in, If you'll be flying soon. Airlines and fields have executed prophylactic safety and sanitation measures that are a lot stricter.

Cebu Pacific recently published a miscellany of infographics featuring their new trek guidelines for a safer contact-less experience. Presently they are.However, we also ranked them down, If the images are too small or undecipherable on your device.

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Reserving Routes

  • Cebu Pacific encourages guests to reserve their routes directly on their website.
  • Marketing departments will remain collective until further notice.
  • Sales done at marking departments can be done through the Cebu Pacific website or through their agent- helped channels that are available 24/7.

Before Going to the Airport

  • Face mask is needed from entering the airfield to arriving at your destination. This is applicable for all getaways.
  • Have a reflection before flying. Only Pre-ordered reflections and bottled water will be available in-flight.
  • Each passenger can only bring one carry-on baggage with the maximum size of 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm inside the cabin.
  • Passengers must bring private hand sanitizers not bigger than 100 ml.
  • You must bring an idiomatic pen to fill out forms.
  • Before leaving the house, check your flight status and once argued, check-in online for your convenience.
  • For domestic lights, be at the aerodrome 3 hours before your estimated time of departure.
  • Check all regional government regulations of your origin and destination before flying to make sure you can conform to their conditions.

At the Airport

  • Only guests with valid peregrination documents and wearing a face mask shall be allowed to enter the airfield. Guests must present their electronic boarding pass to the airfield security.
  • Airfield officers will conduct contactless temperature checks and thermal reviews.
  • Follow the bottom tags to maintain physical distancing.

Check-in or Bag Drop

  • Use check-in gazebos available at pivotal airfields.
  • Notwithstanding, only the group leader should come forward to check-in, If traveling with a group. Likewise, only one guest per booking must come forward to check-in.
  • Make sure you hold your boarding pass and ID with the bar canon facing the check-in agent for touchless scanning.
  • There are available sanitizers in check-in belvederes and bag drop counters for guests to use.
  • CEB shall disinfect counter faces, belvederes, wheelchair handles periodically.
  • Maintain physical distancing at all times by following the bed tags.