You might not suppose a lot of regarding the merchandise packages that arrive on the doorstep.

But did you recognize that product packaging has totally different levels?

Known as 4 Corner Packaging & 6 Corner packaging, every Custom package has its place and its purpose.


In this article, we’re progressing to reveal the variations between every kind of packaging, once everyone is employed, why they matter means to seek out an expert packaging concern to assist guarantee your product packaging is intended right each step of the way. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

4 Corner Packaging

4 Corner packaging definition direct contact product. 4 Corner packaging is that the packaging that comes in direct contact with the merchandise itself. A box wouldn’t be thought-about 4 corner packaging, however, the bag within the box would since it’s the half that really holds the contents of the box. If all cereals were contained within the box alone (without the bag), they’d be way more liable to going stale or being laid low with wetness or lightweight, which might degrade their style, texture, and consistency.

6 Corner Packaging

6 Corner packaging definition example custom retail boxes. 6 Corner box Packaging is a mostly a specific amount of product along into a cohesive unit that’s straightforward to spot. The SKU, or Stock Keeping Unit, makes it straightforward for vendors to spot the movement of stock further as inventory. Secondary packaging makes it doable to cluster products in order that they will be additional simply half-tracked. Smaller shipments of product square measure usually shipped victimization 6 Corner packaging.

The Custom Box packaging itself will be created of many individual items including:


· The box itself

· Interior artifact

· Product separators

· Reinforcement to stop crushing or denting the box

· And so, on

For most folks, 6 Corner packaging is what involves the mind after they believe packaging. Everything from the branded e-commerce packaging that you just receive within the mail to the made-to-order boxes that line the shelves at your native place of business square measure a part of the secondary packaging level.

Need For Packaging

All types of merchandise within the market area unit is somehow liable to external factors which will end in product harm. The bulk of the inventory within the retail markets area unit sensitive to physical impacts, contamination, moisture, dust, and bundles of alternative factors, and it's the responsibility of the merchandise makers to form the protection of merchandise dynamic until they're within the hands of shoppers. The packaging style used for the merchandise will convince be the most effective companion of companies within the method. They keep all risks of harm and contamination off from the inventory besides creating the handling of merchandise straightforward. The packaging is serving because the protecting companion of companies for many years because it helps to keep the placed merchandise in the best condition besides enhancing the visuals of merchandise. The packaging styles employed in the past weren't effective in elevating inventory visuals because the customization choices were restricted; however, with the trendy packaging styles, the promotion of merchandise is less complicated than before. In short, intelligent packaging getting used by businesses is that a good selling and protecting tool for businesses.