1.If the key is not easy to open, do not order lubricating things such as edible oil on the lock This thing is easy to heat up in a dry place and produce adhesion, which causes the key to fail to open the door. At this time, we You can remove the lock, buy a bottle of a dozen or so pieces of agent on the market, and just buy it and clean it Saved a lot of tips

2.For regular maintenance, the entire lock is usually removed and disassembled in about a year, and lubricated with lubricating oil or engine oil, which will make the entire lock more effective and prolong its life.

3.If you encounter a key that is difficult to insert or pull out, as long as you still have a pencil in your house, gently sharpen the black pencil end on a rag or prepared piece of paper, and sharpen it out. Put the end of the pencil on the key or the lock cylinder, and use the key to wipe the lock cylinder back and forth to make it smoother.

4.The above questions can all be imitated, of course, there are some babble sounds from the door, the above questions can be imitated.

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