NEBOSH Institute in Pakistan will provide you with excellent courses that are recognized worldwide if you want quality health and safety training. We all know the anxiety of getting a course certificate from a reputed and credible institution providing world-class training. Still, if you have enlisted in one of the many institutes linked with NEBOSH, you can rest assured of an internationally acceptable standard that this British institution follows.


NEBOSH has institutions that provide training and courses in the health and safety sectors in about as many as eighty countries. The reputation of the methods and training formulated under NEBOSH is one of the best in the world. So, NEBOSH Institute in Pakistan, affiliated with it providing NEBOSH Training and courses, have to abide by the standards and course materials provided under this institution.


NEBOSH Institute in Pakistan, affiliated with NEBOSH, provide Training & Courses:


- NEBOSH National General Certificate

- NEBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Management Certificate

- NEBOSH International General Certificate.


Let us assure you that the training courses approved by NEBOSH are very highly regarded worldwide. It is the preferred choice for hundreds of organizations in Pakistan and all the places across the. Suppose you choose Abacus International as your NEBOSH Training. In that case, you are assured that you will get the proper training and of the highest quality that comes with the accreditation you are looking for.

International Certification

Suppose you have enrolled for the international certificate Training. In that case, it will provide an individual/organization with a globally acceptable presence as it adopts an internationally recognized health and safety training curriculum. If you are not enrolled, NEBOSH Online Registration is available. The content and format are designed to fulfill all the known health and safety standards set by the International Labor Organization. It also teaches you about best practices in controlling hazards.


IN PAKISTAN, the NEBOSH Training has been designed for managerial level supervisors, non-safety specialists, and worker representatives. Generally, this personnel is given the responsibility of health and safety in their organization. If you are not a resident of Pakistan, do not worry, as this training is also available to non-PK nationals. You can check in your country whether there is an institute affiliated with NEBOSH that offers training and courses in health and safety measures. We are sure that you will find such an institution. Still, you will have to make sure that it is NEBOSH affiliated which gives the employees of large organizations the training according to international standards. You can always check the institute's credentials on the internet, and we are sure you will find out if it has the necessary affiliation from this PK institute.

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