Critterfence Black Steel Square - Less Than One Inch Opening

Small opening size square welded wire mesh
Hot dip galvanized after welding (not electro-galvanized like big box stores). For more information on why that is important, please visit: Types of galvanization (opens in new window)To get more news about Metal Wire Fence Mesh Acting, you can visit official website.
Black PVC coated
17GA after coating 19GA before coating minimum
Rated for up to 30 years of useful life
Salt spray approved & engineered for soil to fence contact
Typically used as fence to keep out the smallest animals including rodents and snakes
Makes a great bottom wire fence for gardens or backyard area. Also used to close in or block off areas under decks, etc.
This high-quality galvanized chain-link mesh fence with PVC coating. It will provide your home & property with years of maintenance-free beauty & privacy. This chain-link mesh fence with 0.1" thick wires is UV resistant and weatherproof, thereby ensuring years of use. Being galvanized with PVC coating, you won't have to worry about this fencing rusting or weakening.