70gsm HDPE Commercial Anti Hail Netting Mesh

Anti-hail net is made of high density polyethylene, mainly used to protect your fruit and orchard from the hail damage.To get more news about Commercial Hail Netting Supplier, you can visit dtwiremesh.com official website.
It is designed for covering apple orchards, vineyards, and greenhouse.
It also helps to keep away birds and blocks least of the sunlight which in turn helps in increasing the production.
It helps to minimize the drop in fruit rate.
It also safeguards the fruit from damaging by the hailstorm.
The nets help to provide protection from strong wind hails.
Agfabric anti-hail netting is one of our new products to help you get better management of your crops. With this netting, you can provide wind protection for your plants, get your crops away from hail damage. Things get so easy. 100% New HDPE material ensures a long time of using. Strong and flexible. Easy to apply and you can cut it into any size you want. Can be used for any season, just use it to protect crops from wind, high temperature and hail. Use it as garden netting, bird netting, pond netting as you wanted.