Amazon New World Gold is the name of the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game that will be launched by the game developers at Amazon. According to the game's official website, "In Amazon New World there are three factions to choose from: the armies of the common people, the elite commandos and the royal guards. Each one of them has unique powers, ranks, weapons and other statistics, and every faction has a special background story to tell." The website further explained that "the powerful Amazonians are coming to fight the enemy," and the game will have a strong PvE element as well as PvP. As per Amazon's teaser, "there'll be quests, events, missions, and duels to undertake as you work your way through the multiverse to find your enemies and defeat them."


If we understand the basic fundamentals of MMORPG, then it's quite clear that Amazon's New World will be based on a complex military simulation. We can look at this feature of Amazon New World and understand that this will be the core focus of the game. In most online games, the game gives the players some basic knowledge about their environment which enables them to engage in simple activities. But in the case of an MMORPG where a huge number of players interact with each other, it becomes a bit difficult for players to do such things. However, Amazon includes an element called a "world hub" which provides several points of interaction for players.


Amazon New World is going to include nine maps spread across the entire planet. These nine maps comprise the cities of Amazon, New Delhi, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Brazil, Egypt, China, Russia, and Mexico City. With all these existing, it is expected that the players will have lot of options while playing their favorite races or playing the role of their favorite fantasy characters. These are not the only specifications which are present in the game, but you can find a lot more features as well in the coming future releases of Amazon New World.


It is interesting to note that Amazon has used an outside art team for this game and this has given the game the feel of something extra. Amazon uses the concept of symbolic representation which helps the players to differentiate between real and artificial items. This has been one of the key features which have differentiated games like World of Warcraft and Ultima from similar offerings.


The game also incorporates a fascinating element of magic into its mechanics. The concept of "economy of scale" is widely applied in massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft in order to enable the players to invest in larger, more efficient equipment. At the same time, the concept of "time economy" is applied in the case of Amazon New World. The aim is to build up the forces of your character rapidly, thereby unlocking more powerful and unique items for use.


Despite its early launch date, Amazon New World is already garnering a large number of players. This is primarily due to the fact that it supports the basic WoW rules and objectives and features a great deal of depth for those who want to get immersed in the game. It also offers a good dose of fun due to its colorful graphics and innovative gameplay. As it enters the final stages of its beta stage, Amazon New World is expected to attract even more players as it becomes even more appealing. The success of this online multiplayer game is a testimony to the popularity of the World of Warcraft franchise.