Ok you are getting married we know. We also know that you are having a hard time putting everything together especially with your mum on your neck trying to use your wedding day to do all the things she couldn’t do on her own wedding. That is understandable however, you still need to be able to focus and make plans that will help ensure your special day ends up being worth remembering.


Forget about all the unnecessary distractions that may be coming from all over the place. You should be happy to turn to your wedding plans and see what needs to be done. That is why we thought we should remind you about getting a wedding decorator. We know you have made plans for a venue and your dress should be coming any time soon but what about how the Waterfront Wedding Venues will look like. Remember that if you really want to look back on your big day and feel proud, everything has to be in place. The décor should be spot on that is why we though you could make use of some of our experts’ advice. If you are going to plan something very special for your wedding then also take care about your clothing and jewelries. It should be good that match with your special day. You can think about buying some good things online. It will be a good decision.

Wedding ceremony venue

Consider the entrance; the first hint that there is something going on within the ceremony grounds is the decoration outside. Make sure you use a lot of flowers to form the arch that will be placed at the entrance to the Wedding Venues Waterfront.

Consider the aisle; when it comes to decorating the wedding ceremony ground, the aisle is very important. Make sure the aisle is one that leaves everyone saying “wow”. Note that this does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money. It could just mean using your creativity to come up with something really eye catching. Consider using tulle and flowers on the aisle.

Wedding reception venue

Just like at the ceremony venue, there should be an aisle that is clearly decorated to show that this is where the bridal party is expected to pass. Such an aisle should be decorated with flowers and a lot of lighting. At the reception venue, the focus will be on the couple so you want to make sure the area where the couple and guests of honor will be sitting is properly decorated. If you are using backdrops, make sure they are of the best quality and actually make a statement on their own.

 For the rest of the Outdoor Wedding Venues, use table cloths and chair sashes to match as appropriate. Make sure that the table tops that are used are similar on all tables. Also get someone to do lighting installations for the event. They will know the right type of light to use for different stages of the event. If done right lighting can create an almost magical effect.