Once finishing high school, Ray Mirra Jr turned down offers to go to Rutgers and Temple, choosing instead to pursue a degree at the renowned Philadelphia College of Pharmacy where he would play football. The hard work and perseverance paid off as he was named the Phi Delta Junior Class President during his sophomore year. A leader among his peers, he earned All-American status as a senior. His strong leadership skills and academic excellence have allowed him to become an integral part of the Philadelphia Eagles organization.

college in Philadelphia

While attending the college in Philadelphia, Ray Mirra Jr was often pictured holding the football by the school's famed PSU logo. He would remain so for three years before transferring to Villanova University where he would earn All-Big East First Team honors and make trips to the NCAA tournament. He would also become one of the most decorated players on the team. His play earned him Second Team All-conference accolades from the coaches. In fact, he was so impressive that after his Sophomore season, he was asked to be the head football coach at the college where he had previously studied.

Director of Education

Today, Ray Mirra Jr. is enjoying a successful career on the medical field. In fact, he serves as the Director of Education for the American Association of College Physicians (AACP), the nation's largest medical college. While at the medical school, he has achieved many career highlights including earning close to two hundred associate degrees and over one hundred doctoral degrees. As a result, many people are aware of his accomplishments. Below are just a few of his career highlights:

professional sport writer

Sport Writer - A professional sport writer for the Philadelphia Flyers was born in Brooklyn, New York. In fact, he considers himself as a fan of the Flyers even before he entered the professional world. He grew up with a love for the game and even received four pairs of Flyers hockey tickets as a kid growing up. The young Ray grew up rooting for the Flyers and would have numerous rinks opened up in his neighborhood so he could watch them play. He has covered the Flyers for the last twenty years as a sport writer for various newspapers.

medical transcriptions reporter

radiologist - Mr. Ray has covered many newsworthy events pertaining to medicine and the medical field. He has worked as a medical transcriptions reporter, medical reporting reporter and sports writer for many years. This career is something that has always been on his mind since he was a child. As a child, he would watch the Flyers on TV and envision a career in that field twenty years down the road.

Ray enjoys telling stories

Physician - In his spare time, Mr. Ray enjoys telling stories of his life as a physician. He enjoys talking to many people about medical issues and would like to continue to write about them for many people to read. It is an exciting profession for someone who loves medicine and who enjoys talking to other people about their medical issues.

 Ray enjoys writing

Sports Writer - Mr. Ray enjoys writing about the Flyers and all of the exciting things that are associated with it. He loves the sport, the fans and all of the ups and downs that the team takes on in the season. This is a job that he truly loves and will continue to do for the rest of his life. He enjoys getting to write about all of the Flyers' forwards as well as the defensemen and goalies.

Mr. Ray Mirra Jr

Mr. Ray Mirra Jr. has covered many events in his lifetime. He is a dedicated and passionate sports writer and does not take this job for granted. He loves revealing all of the great things that have taken place throughout the history of the Flyers. He is an extremely loyal and devoted fan of the Flyers and is thrilled to share his thoughts and feelings about this team and this industry with so many Flyers fans who support this great organization.