A wooden balance bike looks a lot like a standard bike, the only difference is that it doesn't have pedals. The child has the feet in permanent contact with the ground which allows him to be stable. Toddlers develop their balance through the intuitive process of walking while sitting in the saddle. Once comfortable, the child will be able to gain speed by jogging, or even by running with his bike. He can even let himself be carried away by speed by lifting his feet.

Wooden Balance bike are types of bikes that are often lighter than traditional bikes. They help to strengthen the self-confidence, coordination and independence of the child.

Wooden balance bike are not a recent creation. Indeed, it is from the beginning of the twentieth century that we find paintings representing men riding "velocipeds" or "hobby horse", name given to what is similar to the first bikes, invented by Karl Von Drais.

The wooden balance bike had some success from its inception in 1827, then fell into oblivion when the first pedal bikes were released.