Wrinkles around the eyes to reduce the look also special old fashioned, the skin around the eyes compared to other skin on the face need to lack, very easy to occur wrinkles wrinkles, etc., and therefore must pay special attention to the eye skin care. The actual fact is that the wrinkles and lines around the eyes are increasing. How to take care of the skin around the eyes on a daily basis?眼膜推介 How to remove wrinkles around the eyes wrinkles to maintain the eye area meticulous polished? Then we all look at it ~~

One. The cause of the increase in wrinkles around the eyes

1. Ultraviolet radiation

Ultraviolet light from the sun is a metal catalyst for the aging of the eye skin, and it immediately causes dilatation of capillaries under the eyes. Collagen and collagen chemical fiber damage is weakened, and will continue to make the inner corner of the eye wrinkles.

2. Ageing

The metabolism of future generations will slow down when they enter the age of 25, and the body cells' own repair function will gradually become weaker, so general care cannot completely end the brittleness of the skin cells, and thus the skin around the eyes will become more and more loose, and wrinkles will occur.

3. Too rich in expression

Often laughing. Rub face and jaws and other behavior are abnormal pulling facial muscles, a long time is easy to produce the corner of the eye lines. Smile lines and other fine lines under the eyes.

4. Not enough moisture

The skin under the eyes lacks moisture, and the ductility will be reduced, and wrinkles will be easily produced, and they will be more likely to occur when the skin is severely dry.

5. Excessive eye use

Staring at the display screen of electronic products for a long time is very likely to lead to huge muscle strain on the whole body muscles of the eye area, the whole body muscles of the eye do not get enough rest time is very easy to occur eye fine lines. In addition, often stay up late or all night will also lead to the occurrence of wrinkles around the eyes.

II. How to reasonably remove eye wrinkles wrinkles

Method 1. Apply firming anti-wrinkle eye cream

In the case of wiping and applying eye cream, there are wrinkles, should be selected to have wrinkle removal and have nutritional deficiency eye essence, should be based on the eye fine lines of the orientation, select the reverse method to achieve wiping, such as eye fine lines are placed horizontally, wiping and applying eye cream should be wiped vertically. And after the application should be used to gently point the palm of your hand to push the eye essence stronger digestion and absorption.

Method 2. use firming repair type eye mask

If the eye area does not do a good job early and efficient medical care, as well as the occurrence of eye fine lines, this time try to apply eye film, such as Inza Dei small turtle black pearl translucent color eye film, a week application 2 to 3 times, you can let the eye to get relief, and eye film can also let the eye fill with sufficient water, long-term engage in this to remove fine lines and wrinkles will be very good effect Oh!

Method 3. push to lift and tighten the eye lines

Add the right amount of eye essence water in the palm of your hand, use the temperature of your palm to warm the essence water, then lightly coated around the eyes, and the belly of the thumb from the corner of the eye gradually towards the ear inside the orientation of the lift tightening, from 1 to 5, let go and then repeat, and then use the middle thumb and middle finger to gently open the inner corner of the corner of the eye wrinkles, daily persistence, can effectively remove the wrinkles around the eyes.

Method 4. to get a good eye sunscreen isolation

If the sun is very strong in the process of having to go outdoors, be sure to get good sunscreen isolation work, coated with sufficient sunscreen milk, wear good sunglasses, it is best to also wear a sun hat or play a sun umbrella.

The skin around the eyes lacks collagen and wrinkles will occur. Therefore, the best way to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes is to fill in a certain amount of collagen to enhance the ductility around the eyes and keep the skin nourished. You don't have to laugh or frown a lot, but you need to pay more attention to your daily life.

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