Amethyst is a derivative of quartz. It is available in various shades of purple coloring which means from light shades to deep hues of purple. This unusual color is generated by iron accents in the stone itself. The darker shade of purple makes the stone more valuable. Therefore, a deeper purple stone means a more valuable stone. Synthetic stones are not as valuable as natural ones. 


Amethyst can also be located in colors of blue or pink. Due to its popularity, the stone is now commonly being mass-produced in a synthetic form. Amethyst engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular among betrothed couples due to their symbolism.


In Greco Roman times, the stone symbolized the protection of an individual against addictions. In other cultures, it was considered to be a symbol of purity or spirituality. In Asian cultures, the stone is considered to have many healing physical characteristics. The amethyst birth month is February. 


How do you identify a natural amethyst?


The recognition of authentic gems can be done on the basis of the following parameters such as:

  • There should be some slight imperfections in the real gems.
  • There will be some color zoning and the shades should comprise various shades of white or blue in addition to purple.  
  • Gem containing only a specific shade of purple throughout is considered to be a fake gem. 
  • Watch out for the things like bubbles and crack within the amethyst. 


Amethyst bridal rings:


Amethyst bridal rings were highly popular during the Victorian period in England. Their popularity experienced a resurgence in the United States in the 1920s during the Art Deco movement. In more recent times, it is commonly featured as the center stone chosen by brides to be, or in the promise ring. It may be encircled or complemented by the use of diamonds or other gemstones. The most common cuts for this type of stone include ovals and heart shapes; however, an amethyst ring may be cut in the same forms that a diamond is available in. Although the popularity of this stone in engagement rings has increased within the last decade, many retailers offer a limited selection of amethyst jewelry. In order to ensure that a couple obtains what they are looking for, they may wish to purchase a loose stone and have it cut and placed in a setting of their choosing. You can also try to find out amethyst for sale to get its benefits at affordable prices. 


Amethyst Ring Cost:


The expense of an amethyst ring will be based upon the size of the gemstone, the setting it is placed in, and other gemstones that are used in its design. Although the engagement ring will be more expensive if it is custom ordered, the cost of this type of ring generally does not exceed $1,000.00. An amethyst engagement ring is an affordable and durable investment for a couple who is looking for an alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. Its symbolism and vibrant coloring may be the perfect alternative for a couple that is looking for something slightly out of the ordinary.

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