In our daily life, the time of health crises never comes with notice, and we are all surrounded by troubles from all sides. In such times ambulance service comes forward with suitable medical transportation facilities. Our Train Ambulance in Patna operating under King Train Ambulance is great for solemnly ill patients as we specialize in providing transfer to people. We transport solemn patients from their spot to indicated location at a given time. We have facilitated ICU compartments of reputed trains for transferring patients with ease and proper care.


We provide continuous care throughout the journey and customized the train compartments as per the suggestion at the time of booking. Our Train Ambulance Service in Patna has the required amenities along with the fully functional remedial tools. We provide paramedics for the monitoring of critical patients throughout the journey.

Prefer King Train Ambulance in Bangalore for Transporting Solemn Patients

Which service to choose for patient transfer in an emergency is one of the most asked questions? We at King Train Ambulance are here for you with our exceptional service. We serve the best by transporting critical patients to their desired location at an affordable fare. We have experience of more than ten years, and we are continuously getting people out of health crises. Our Train Ambulance Service in Bangalore has lots of medical amenities and trained nurses to look after critical patients throughout the journey.

It has a road ambulance facility so that it could be able to reach the rural area people also. Its modern road ambulance receives the patient from their spot and transfer it to the nearby or city railway station and then after Train Ambulance from Bangalore loads the patient in the ICU compartment of the train and transferred the patient to another designated city hospital.