When you are wearing a pair of light colour jeans the choice for the upper half can be many starting from typical casual shirts for men to a wide range of t-shirts for men available in various fits and styles. It is a typical old-school thought that you need to wear a dark t-shirt always with light jeans. Light t-shirts go fine with it too as well and look quite smart.

Different options to wear with light jeans

In this world with so many varieties of denim, when it is to look for distinct-looking jeans, most of us opt for light jeans. The light denim is worth the pitch but it is equally important to select a proper outfit for the upper half accordingly.

You can choose from the following combinations depending on the style you want to follow and the purpose you want to serve. 

Work Purpose

When choosing light denim outfits, one should have also figured out what to wear when you are at the workplace. Choose a formal shirt in white and do not forget to tuck-in. Brown loafers accompanying with the same colour belt will make sure to complete your look! 

Exclusive summer style

If it is the pick summer and quite a bit confused about the perfect combination with your light jeans then, go back to the sleeveless t-shirt. Wear either white or black. A high-waist light jeans outfit with a white crop top can be a great deal for women.


To complete the professional look with light jeans, opt for printed shirts. You can opt for either the common checks or the stripes. Dotted shirts can be an option too. You may tuck-in or, leave at is, either way, it will surely look awesome.

Casual wear

Light jeans are apt for a casual outfit for both men and women. You can choose a dark colour denim shirt with your light jeans outfit. If you are fond of grey jeans, then you can opt for the blue denim shirt too. Girls can also look for a t-shirt for women online to match their light jeans outfit.

Light baggy jeans

Women can opt for a small change in style by wearing light baggy jeans. Opt for a fashionable t-shirt for girls and enhance the style with a stylish black light jacket. You can also choose to wear an oversized long-sleeved silk blouse with your moderate baggy light jeans for parties!

Street Style

This style is trendy and of utmost comfort for everyday wear. Take a comfortable white round-neck t-shirt and pair it with your light jeans. You can gear up the look by picking a black light jacket. Wear a white pair of shoes to fulfil your fashion. 

All denim style

If you wish to wear jeans with jeans then you can complement a light-colored jeans outfit along with a light denim jacket. Men can wear a printed or check t-shirt underneath and women can choose any t-shirt of bright colours like crimson.

Cool Style

Outfits with light jeans go appropriate when it comes to polo t-shirts for men, though it is important to choose the right colour. Opt for a grey, black or red polo neck t-shirt and you are all set. For all women out there, choose a fashionable t-shirt for girls and pair it up with your light jeans.

Light jeans in spring

Women who are dealing with an office in spring but still want to wear light jeans can settle on a leopard-print suit.


A few out of the box tips for men and women

  • Men, if you are choosing light-coloured jeans, then always try to avoid skinny jeans. In most cases, if your body is not the right proportion then it might look even worse in skinny jeans.
  • If women look for a comfortable choice, they can also wear jeans made for men! Just you have to choose the right fit and size.
  • If you are a girl and a little chubby, opt for the high-waist light-coloured jeans.
  • Thin and tall men should opt for loose-fitting jeans.
  • Before you select any colour to wear with your light jeans, search on the internet and try to read this article.


Wearing jeans is an easy task but to create complete outfits for men or women is a tough job indeed. Especially when it is about light-coloured jeans, you must keep so many things in mind.