1. Those who don't let in can't come in (anti-theft)

One of the most basic solutions for home protection and anti-theft measures is anti-theft. In the past, traditional window locks had the anti-theft effect only when the windows were closed. Scientific home protection anti-theft facilities require that they still have the anti-theft function when they are ventilated.

2. What needs to be entered can come in (ventilation)

Ventilation is one of the most basic needs of people's daily life. The ventilation here is a new requirement of scientific home protection anti-theft facilities, which is the ventilation combined with anti-theft and protection.

3. Can't get out without letting out (anti-child falling down)

The function of traditional door and window hardware often makes windows lose the function of protecting children's safety. Scientific home protection and anti-theft facilities require that no matter whether it is closed or opened for ventilation, it can effectively protect the safety of children.

4. Able to go out when needed (emergency escape)

In emergencies, such as earthquakes and fires, home protection and anti-theft facilities cannot be an obstacle to escape. Practice has proved that in many fires, ordinary escape routes are often unable to escape, and the final fire rescue is often carried out from the window through the ladder. If the home protection and anti-theft facilities cannot open the escape route smoothly, then it is likely that people will be in danger of life because they missed the opportunity to escape.

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