ISO 27001 Certification in Philippines one of the well-done and recognized standard which is well known for data security or information security. In today's complex internet world information can be accessed by unknown people sitting anywhere on the earth. Have you ever imagined critical or sensitive information can be transferred through online transaction, electronic mail, universal serial bus (USB), hard disk and tapes? Also information can be stored outside organization facilities via servers, routers, switches etc. before it reaches the intended destination. Have you ever understood the risk that the information can access by people outside which might consist sensitive information so it is must that the information has to be encrypted? How to do encryption and what are the roles cryptographic control plays an important role.

Whenever you feel information is very critical and sensitive cryptographic control should be used. Cryptographic control is nothing but a art or technique of converting information into codes which is known as encryption. The information owner who is intended to receive the information will have the keys using which the receiver can decode the codes sent by sender to view or use the information which is known as decryption. Below listed section will help you to understand where cryptographic control can be applied:

1)    Imagine you have a external device which consists of all business information which are very confidential like USB, hard disk, laptop etc.

2)    When you have to send confidential information through email

3)    When you have a server and access to the particular folder is provided to multiple people for business purposes but some documents are confidential and you want to keep it safe from being accessed.

4)    You have a website where visitor’s login and register with username and password. All the credentials should be encrypted.

5)    You have a e commerce or payment gateway where customers pay online. All the credentials, password, pin number, card details should be encrypted.

6)    When employees and contractor/vendor connect to organization network from house or outside the organization.

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There are many well-known cryptographic algorithms in industries but one of the preferred algorithm is AES which used in every organization in IT sector. It has AES 128, AES 256 bits etc. The keys are very important for encoding and decoding the inform ISO 27001 Certification in Singapore is standard which specifies the requirements to encrypt the information so that all your company information very secured and safe. This is one of the beautiful standards which have been implemented across the globe due to immense advantage and effective results gotted.

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