Gray nails are a common bacterial disease that is easily infected and should be treated early when detected. The best way to get the most out of your life is to get the most out of it. Then the

The nail cloudy shape to pay attention to

The actual nail is usually transparent, with some light pink 灰甲, but patients with gray nails, because the nail suffered from mold infection, so the color is easy to get darker, gray, now grinding coffee, and even emerald green, and looks cloudy, but also very easy to break, flakes, the main nail thickening, the situation is serious nail will continue to deformation, not smooth or separated from the nail bed. The main reason for this is that the nail is not smooth or separated from the nail bed. 80% of the pathogens that cause gray nails are dermatophytes, and a small percentage are infected by trichomonas and mycobacteria.

Be careful of cracked nails

The nails are healthy, but if the nails suffer a collision, a wound, or a rupture, then the mold is likely to enter and cause gray nails. The nail is not only infected with the toe, the fingertips are also likely to be infected, it is likely to appear in a fingertip, it is also likely to ten fingers are infected, but most often seen in the toe, is the big toe of the right leg, and because often wear shoes, more breathable effect is not good, and the incidence of the toe is higher than the fingertips.

Two simple processes to identify gray nails

Process one:East turn west nail: nail color is not yellow, gray, brown; nail is not thickened, easy to break; nail is not cloudy, increasingly not fully transparent.

Process two: check the risk factors for infection of grey nails

If you have a family member with a history of grey nails, if you often swim or go to the spa, or if you often step barefoot on a cold, wet wooden floor, if your nails have been injured or deformed, if you have a habit of wearing non-breathable shoes such as basketball shoes and rubber boots for a long time. If the nail appearance is in line with the changes in the key, it is possible to get infected with gray nail. If the risk factors in process 2 are also met, the probability of getting sick is increased. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items.

Prevention of gray nails.

①Maintain clean, cool and dry feet for the whole family

As far as possible, use the shower room method to prevent the use of alkaline soap.

③Do not wear shoes with poor air permeability

④No need to wear shoddy nail polish

⑤ prevent the natural environment from being wet, cold and dark

⑥Do not use the same basin, cotton towel, socks, nail clippers, etc. with sick family members.

⑦Maintain normal length of finger (toe) nails, no need to cut them too short and no need to leave angular spurs.

(8) Do not use the same nail clipper to cut and trim all normal nails and abnormal nails.

⑨ Palm of the foot, between the toe itch as far as possible can not be scratched with the hand.

⑩ Carry out disinfection and sterilization of home atmosphere and patient supplies on time

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