How to achieve organizational excellence with ISO 9001?

Your organization should have better idea of your objectives and what are the advantages of ISO 9001 Certification will gain by getting ISO 9001 Certification in Singapore You have to be prepared to 

organize the Quality Management Systems into any field of the organization.

All employees must be aware of what is expected of them and where their field of responsibility, in order to obtaining ISO 9001 Certification.

A Documented Quality Management System is required, together with the procedures and policies by ISO 9001.


The documentation will define:

  • What are the actions being essential?
  • Rules and Responsibilities of clients.
  • Lines of communication throughout the organization
  • Who should record data and what data is recorded
  • How continuity will be maintained as client change
  • Organization structure

System definition
Defining your Quality Management System will essential input from all of the departments in the business.

You will need to:

  • Define who your clients  are for each department, for example:
    - For the sales and marketing department it will be the clients.    
    - For the IT department it will be domestic departments.
  • Document the activities in each field.
  • Review the ISO 9001 Standard to ensure the provision have been met.
  • Identify any problem areas and rectify them.

Management of Documentation

You will need to communicate to all of your employees, the importance of keeping records and using the correct documentation. Regulating the use of documents to establish the latest version is being used is an important part of ISO 9001. You will need a robust system to secure that old versions are removed and new dispense to the different internal departments, together with a system for version control. You will need to identify which records are to be kept to comply with the requirements of your ISO 9001 Certification in Singapore system and what you need to successfully run the Business.

Corrective and preventive measures

Inevitably, processes can go wrong and you will need to have establish the process for fixing the issue and analyzing where it went wrong, before making changes to reduced it from happening again.

You should keep a record of any actions you have taken to fix an issue. Where possible you should fixing potential problem areas and set up a system to prevent or decrease their effect before it happens.

Regular Internal Quality Auditing:


Regular Internal Quality Auditing of your ISO 9001 Certification is required. Persons within your organization who are independent of the role  being audited may carry these out.

The Internal Auditor will check that procedures in the Quality Manual are being followed and will identify any field of concern to be rectified.

How to get ISO 9001 Certification in UK?

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