The veins in our body convey blood from various tissues to the heart. It happens methodically. What’s more, if the system gets influenced in any case, a few confusions may emerge. In case you are encountering a vein issue, chances are there that you have varicose veins. Practically 20% of the adult population experience this medical condition. Individuals regularly pose a few inquiries to find out about varicose or to guarantee they are experiencing this medical condition. The following are talking about a couple of regularly posed inquiries and their answers. 



Q 1. What are varicose veins?


According to vein specialist la Jolla, varicose veins have alluded to the medical condition where the veins get strangely augmented. They can be blue, dim purple, tissue-hued, and resemble a bunch of grapes. However they are for the most part found in the thigh and legs, they can be apparent on any piece of your body. 


Q 2. Why do varicose veins occur?


While sitting or standing, the blood needs to travel uphill through the veins to arrive at the heart. The lower leg muscles pump the blood to the heart and the valves in the veins keep the blood from streaming downhill. Presently, if somebody has weak valves or on the other hand, if the lower leg muscle neglects to manage its job appropriately, she/he may encounter blockage of blood in the leg veins. This blockage of blood causes varicose veins says the vein doctor la Jolla


Q 3. When should you go for varicose vein treatment?


However varicose veins will in general be harmless, the blockage of blood in the leg can at times cause persistent leg enlarging and a sensation of heaviness and agony. In case you are encountering terrible pain, you should get the varicose vein treatment la Jolla as soon as possible. The two huge indications of varicose veins are different skin complications and ulcers. If you have any of these two, proceed to get the varicose vein treatment now. 


Q 4. What treatment options should I opt for?


The vein treatment options for varicose veins depend on the severity of the treatment.



Compression Stockings:

To prevent blood congestion in the legs, compression stockings are specially designed. In the primary stage of varicose vein treatment near me, these hoses are suggested. 



A chemical solution is given to the superficial veins to destroy them in this veins treatment procedure. In an outpatient setting, this treatment is performed. 


Endovenous Laser Treatment:

With varicose veins, most patients are treated with scar-less endovenous ablation. With a needle puncture, this treatment has to be done under ultrasound guidance. 


Radiofrequency Occlusion:

To get varicose vein treatment san Jose effectively, radiofrequency occlusion is another option. In an outpatient or office setting, this treatment can be performed under local anesthesia. 



The only option left to you is surgery if your condition is getting worse. Depending on the severity of the condition again, the surgical technique is determined. To perform surgery, a local, general, or anesthesia is required. Consult a vein doctor today for surgery, if your veins are getting bigger and the chronic pain is becoming unbearable. 

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