The high powered laser can point to places that cannot be reached by hands or pointers, making it a useful item for meetings and presentations. Even when the room is dark and the projector is used, the laser pointer protrudes from the light, which is convenient. There are many shapes of laser pointers, but the pen type that is easy to carry is very popular. As long as you modify the firework or something to give it lethality, you can use it by touching the laws of spear swordsmanship, explosives, etc. Needle guns are also controlled and useless. Modified air guns are also controlled. The only legal missiles in Japan are bow guns, archery, and bear spray. There will be many.

Is the laser pointer safe?

It seems that neither possession nor use is illegal. Before that, if you import it separately. It seems that even the customs can't catch you. By the way, the green laser used for processing in the factory is about 30 to 50W. There is also a blast furnace of approximately kilowatts. Is the downed missile megawatt? If you have played with the super laser pointer, you will know that the laser can reach a long distance. 100m and 200m are natural, and it seems to be able to withstand about 1km. Hit on the face will cause severe burns. If it enters the eyes, it will cause blindness. If it hits the window from the outside, it will penetrate the glass and hit the curtain and catch fire. It can be said to be a very dangerous weapon.


Other uses of laser pointer

1. It is very suitable for operation guidance in remote locations in hazardous locations (such as construction sites and civil engineering work).
2. Astronomical super blue laser pointer is suitable for purchase, astronomy, presentation, tutoring and office meetings.
3. Description of places that should not be touched when providing tourist information about natural and cultural heritage.
4. Interpretation of mountain climbing, distant places, high places and dangerous places, etc.
5. As a pointer in meetings, conferences and presentations.