BA in mass media is a full-fledged wholesome program to learn about journalism. The students who get this degree are competent to work in the media and communication industry. As the name suggests, the degree is focused on two different aspects of communication i.e. journalism and mass communication. There are different advantages of getting this degree when you apply for admission to any best college for mass communication in India. In this article, we are going to discuss the career scope that a person has in India.


  1. Becoming a proofreader

However, proofreading might sound like more of a work associated with writing but proofreading is equally important in journalism as well. The reporters provide the raw information and the proofreader is responsible to find out any duplicacy of text and mark any grammar or punctuation errors. Proofreading job requires a lot of concentration, so if you are good at grammar then with a degree in journalism and mass communications you can apply for this job.


  1. Becoming a professional reporter.

There are many TV channels and radio channels and other mediators of communication that are looking for reporters from time to time. The responsibility of a reporter is to collect the data and facts from different places on the basis of questions and present the evidence and a proper report to the editor for further clarity. It is the responsibility of a reporter to bring out the correct information in front of the common public. As we already mentioned, there are abundant jobs for reporters because the media industry is growing day by day.


  1. Becoming an editor

Video editor is a reputed job in the media industry. The editor has one of the most important jobs in the whole process of getting information from the source and gives it to the common public. The editor check for the accuracy of the reports submitted by the reporter and makes them suitable according to the demand and choice of the audience. After a few years of experience, a person can easily apply for the job of editor. The responsibility of the editor also includes helping the team achieve their goals.


  1. Becoming a photojournalist

Since it is a time where people like to get engaged with visuals, the demand for photojournalists is increasing day by day. A person with a degree in journalism and great photography skills can become a photojournalist. The responsibility of a photojournalist is to photograph, edit, and present images in front of the masses in such a way that it is appealing.


  1. Becoming a critic

After getting a few years of experience in journalism, the people who can use their analytical minds to check the facts presented in front of the masses can become a critic. There are independent critics as well as the ones who work with the companies. The work of a critic is to analyze the information that is released to the public and then find out if the information is true or they mention publicly if it lacks at any point.


Apart from this, higher education is always a good option for people who like to study and increase their knowledge. A person can always go for a master's degree after completing the bachelor's. For more information, you can visit the website of famous colleges that are accepting applications for admission. If you want to live a life where you don't have to do a boring 9 to 5 job every day and there is good income along with jobs security then you should definitely go for the this degree.