Playing golf is one of the best pastimes for businessmen and the elite who have friends in the same circle of golfers. If you are playing golf regularly, you might notice that you are feeling discomfort and pain in certain areas after practicing golf. This is in fact quite common because repeatedly swinging your club in the same motion can cause injury and pain. So if you feel excruciating pain in few areas of your body after you play golf, it is best that you get in touch with are physical therapy specialist. They will help you win knowing about certain exercises that can improve your golf flexibility in Orlando.

Often golfers are complaining about the pain or injury they have received while playing golf that has impacted their performance as well. If that is the same case with you then here are 3 exercises for you that can help you in improving your golf flexibility:

1, Exercise for back muscles

Golfers are often troubled by the strain they experience in their back muscles which can create a lot of tension in the affected area. To get rid of this painful experience in your back muscles, you can take the help of a chair. Hold the back section of the chair, extend your leg backwards and pull your torso down creating a stretch between your hands and hips. When you have extended your arms, try keeping your body and arms in the same alignment and that is straight. While stretching your body in this fashion, hold your breath for 30 seconds and then repeat this exercise 3-5 times. 

2. Quadriceps stretch

Another stretching exercises that will help you in gaining calf muscles and strengthening your legs and hips is the quadriceps stretch. In this exercise, you can take the help of any lower platform where you can rest your ankle. You need to rest one leg ankle on the top of the platform from behind and then bend your body on your knees with the other foot on the floor. In order to make the exercise more effective hold your hands in front of your chest and continue doing the stretch to gain golf flexibility in Orlando. Continue doing this exercise with alternative legs resting on the platform and repeat this exercise 3-5 times.

3. Core twist stretch

Another exercise that helps you in improving golf flexibility is the core twist stretch. In this exercise, you need to stand straight and bend your knees slightly. Then you need to lean your upper body at 60 degree angle and fold your arms close to your shoulders. It is best to cross your arms for better support and then turn your torso once right and then left. The stretching exercise imitates the game of golf itself and also helps you in gaining strength in your core muscles. 

If you connect with the right kind of clinic, you will also get to know about more functional exercises in Orlando that can help you in improving body functionality. So sign up for the exercises today!