Ceiling Painting



1daypainters offers the best ceiling painting services in Calgary area, we have the expertise to work on all types of ceilings including stipple, flat, knockdown, textured and popcorn varieties. We also do spraying in most cases where a typical brush and roller may not be useful.  Our experienced professional ceiling painters in Calgary have been serving the area for over 15 years spraying over 1 million sqft of ceilings.  We provide quality workmanship at competitive prices. 


How we prepare for the work:



When spraying the ceiling, we know that it’s important to be prepared for the occasional splatters. Our Calgary ceiling painters will thoroughly cover all furniture, and also cover the floors and walls with some plastic sheeting or drop cloths.

Furthermore, our Calgary ceiling painting experts use stable stepladders that are tall enough to allow them work from the second-highest step. We will wrap any light fixtures from the ceiling with paper or plastic for protection.




Spraying tips:-



If you are planning to paint the entire room, we recommend using a sprayer especially if your ceiling is heavily textured. Apart from being more efficient than other techniques, spraying can also do away with the need for cutting in, which is quite a time-consuming and tedious process in interior painting. If painting the walls after we will spray directly onto the walls.  After the ceiling paint has dried out, we can can now cut in the walls and make a straight line with the wall colour. If we are not painting the walls after they will be taped tight with plastic to protect them from overspray.



Painting tips:-



Before painting, we usually vacuum any dust or cobwebs that have accumulated on the ceiling. The warm air usually collects there and may deposit smoke, grease and moisture also, particularly if the ceiling is found inside the kitchen.  Our ceiling painters in Calgary

can also add a single coat of oil-based, stain-blocking primer on the ceiling to prevent stains from permeating through the top coat. As a company policy, we only use special paint that’s been formulated for ceilings in order to achieve the perfect results. This paint stays wet much longer than wall paint and also helps prevent streaks, it also doesn’t cause too much splatter.



Types of ceilings we work on:-



As a company, we have the expertise to handle both flat and textured ceiling surfaces. Some of which include:



  1. a) Textured ceiling painting



Also known as the slap brush finish, it’s popular for hiding imperfections and adding depth to your ceiling. Stippled ceiling can be attained by painting your ceiling with some drywall mixture, which is spread using a specialized texture paint gun or slap brush and roller. The mixture is typically thicker than standard paint and will therefore add a bumpy feel to your wall.


textured painting

  1. b) Popcorn/stipple ceiling painting


Popcorn ceiling is also referred to as cottage-cheese ceiling, it’s a paint-on or spray-on ceiling treatment that’s commonly used in the bedroom and home hallway ceilings. Its bright white appearance has the ability to make a room look much bigger and cleaner, apart from hiding imperfections.


popcorn/stippe ceiling painters

  1. c) Knockdown ceiling painting


When making knockdown ceilings, the mixture is usually allowed to dry for some amount of time then skimmed using a knockdown knife which is a large, plastic cutter. Though knockdown ceilings may take quite a while to produce, the results are definitely worth the effort. The raised, flat sections cast nice shadows which add extra depth to the ceiling.



painting knockdown ceilings

How we do the painting:-



  1. The first step our ceiling painters undertake is working continuously around the room’s perimeter, a 3 inch cut-in can be done at the edges using a paint brush.




  1. Next, a loaded roller will be placed in one corner, and spread in a single direction toward the other side of the room in equivalent lines. Before using the roller, its deep portion tray will first be filled with paint then the apparatus rolled over the coating until the nap is sufficiently covered. The goal is not to submerge the entire roller, but rather just gliding it over the paint while steadily running it back-and-forth in the shallow section of the holding container until the nap is fully covered and paint splatter is minimal.



III.    We can paint your ceiling using the paint-filled roller to make a zigzag pattern measuring 3 to 4 square inches, then going over the same section using straight, measured strokes to level out the paint. When working, our experts will always avoid leaving paint lines around the frame of the roller.



Since we can only achieve the best results while the coating is still wet, our painters are usually keen to tackle smaller sections first and also feathering out the ceiling edges to reduce distinct, noticeable lines between sections.



Moreover, depending on the type of paint and coverage we may need to repeat the paintwork process to make it much richer, this will only be done after the initial coat has dried thoroughly. The second coat will be applied in a single perpendicular direction to the first, so as to achieve a regular look. We work fast and continuously until the whole ceiling surface is coated.

How we do the spraying:-

If we are spraying the ceilings the process is a bit different.  The best way to acheive an even finish is a techique called cross hatching.  This means we will spray two coats right after one another before allowing it to dry.  We will spray the entire ceiling in one direction and imediately spray the second coat in the opposite direction.  This will ensure an nice even finish with out any spray lines. 

Licencing and guarantees:-



1daypainters has been accredited by BBB with an overall rating of A+. We are always transparent in our dealings with customers by providing complete information about the services we offer, including pricing and other factors.


Additionally, we are a fully licensed and insured company offering 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all our ceiling painting services. That means you don’t need to pay a single cent until you’re fully satisfied with the work we have done. Similarly, we offer customers a 3-Year Guarantee on workmanship and painting materials used for the ceiling.  Contact us today for a free quote!