ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore is playing major role in the market. ISO 9001 certification is nothing but Quality Management system. Before going to speak about ISO 9001 Certification will see the importance of ISO and ISO 9000 family. ISO is an independent Organization publishes International Standards for all types of products and services with common agreed terms and conditions. ISO has published over 18000 different standards and each standard serves a different purpose. These standards are internationally accepted and same across all Organizations irrespective of its type, size and sector. ISO do not give certification to all companies of any standard.


ISO 9000 family standards describe quality and its management system. Quality in general is said by comparison of 2 products/services of two different companies and concluding whether basic requirements of Customer are met. The management system for quality in companies is for controlling the quality. ISO publishes Quality Management System standards in ISO 9000 family.


ISO 9000 family standard consists of ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 9004; ISO 9000 serves as dictionary and ISO 9004 as guideline for ISO 9001 standard. ISO 9001 standard requires Quality management Certification.


As common with all standards ISO 9001 Standard consists of Requirements – It tells basic needs which all companies must have, Code of  Practice -  It tells process of implementation, and Guidance – It tells process on how to improve system here in this case it is related to Quality Management System. Organizations now days want to implement internationally accepted ISO quality management standards to get benefit of global market for its quality products/services.


For ISO 9001 Consultant in Dubai, the basic need is to first fully understand, knowledge and awareness of ISO 9001 family of standards. The PDCA circle process approach should be followed as shown below:


Prepare the process, checklist of the items as part of plan process. Determine the steps to implementation which is Do process. Cross verify the implementation steps by internal evaluation as part of check process. Next process is ‘Act’ which is the result of the check process. This circle of process should be performed repeatedly by ISO 9001 Consultant in Kuwait helps to improve Quality Management System.

The requirements of ISO 9001 standard include Organization Context. ISO 9001 consultant while first dealing with plan process of ISO 9001 standard should first interact with all the high level management or all stakeholders of the Organization to be aware of the needs and expectations of the Organization, its focus to Costumer, its scope of Quality Management System and its associated processes. After this one needs to prepare the checklist of the items for ISO 9001 plan and need to train Organization management and the human resources of quality management about importance of ISO standards.

Once the checklist is done, assessment of knowledge gaps, process etc. is listed and come up with process documentation of ISO 9001 implementation in Iraq is giving details about opportunities and risks. In the next step ISO 9001 consultant would evaluate the report of the quality implementation from the company about process improvement, risk, new opportunities etc. then the cycle of PDCA circle as explained above figure should be followed for better Quality Management System.


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