Searching for house designs of house plants that match your lifestyle can be a difficult task but knowing what to look for from the start can help you be successful. While choosing your house designs, it’s important to pick one that not only meets your individual needs, but also considers your building a lot, natural landscape, and whether it’ll be marketable to future buyers if you plan to sell the house at some point. It’s important to understand that the total square footage of your new home refers to the finished portion of your house plan. Living areas are generally described as covered with sheetrock and wallpaper of paint. The heated area is also a good indicator of finished space. Garages and loft are considered unfinished and are not calculated in the total square footage of your home plan. 




Living Needs and Family Lifestyles

Lifestyle and family needs differ depending on individual cycles, stages, and plans for the home they want to design. For instance, features for newlywed couples look for in a home plan are vastly different from the characteristics that a retired couple might find important. 


Before selecting any of the house plans for yourself ask these questions to yourself including-  

  • Are you planning to start a family? Are you planning to have 1-2 kids? Is there adequate room in your plan for expansion as your family grows?
  • Will you need guest rooms? What about additional living space to possibly care for grandchildren or elderly parents in the future? 
  • Do you want a normal dining space area for formal entertaining, an open-concept layout for large casual gatherings, or do you prefer smaller, relaxed family get-togethers?

Examine your home plan and lot space to see if it’s possible to expand living space in the future. 

Think about the time you spend at home and why. For example- many family members spend their quality time in the kitchen and cook food together, while others prefer a den or family room with room for large sofas and a fireplace. 


Another important thought is how much privacy you want and need from other occupants and neighbours. Consider a design with an L or U shaped design. These types of house plans can provide you with more privacy when building on an urban or suburban lot. Several homeowners prefer home plans with more privacy in the master bedroom and personal living space, but others might need privacy in a home office space. 

Think about how you plan to use and enjoy your outdoor yard space to see whether features like decks, porches, or patios will meet your needs for your personal space. Landscaping lot type and location are important when it comes to home privacy. Your outdoor spaces will have. 


Where would you choose the laundry room to be and how large do you need it? Do you have any hobbies or special interests that might require additional space or rooms? Do you need a large workroom for messy or noisy projects? You may include a mudroom or utility with a half-bath for quick and easy cleanup. Whatever you like to do, consider building your home with them in mind so you have more time to enjoy them. 

If you’ve questions related to House designs Sunshine Coast then Ausmar Homes will guide you. If you’ve already purchased your building lot, you’ll need to consider these factors and tailor the house design that you choose to meet those needs and requirements.  


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