Maul Dire, located in the zone of Feralas in World of Warcraft, is, destroyed the ancient city Night Elf and, in terms of gameplay is more practical, the main prison than back in the day: Wowhead said it was "remembered fondly by some robbers as one source of the most important for fans who used to be the key to defeating the boss in a raid ... it is one of the different basement where the first Blizzard-lane alternatives such as skipping boss-driven. "

Speaking to PC Gamer, game director Ian Hazzikostas revealed that two of the six classical phase is due to arrive before the end of this year. That means there are less than three months to wait for the new jail, two new cruise bosses and improvements to bet the war in the wilderness. Looking for a new adventure to fill the final agonizing hours to level 60? Phase 2 is the biggest addition to the Dire Maul, a castle maze elf in depth Feralas. Recommended for players leveling through mid-late 50s Dire Maul is a maze right on the end of the game prisons full of trees and giant killer bengal.

"While we initially this' two-stage plan that would be Dire prison Maul, the boss of the world, and the honor system for PvP, I am pleased to announce that we will solve Maul Dire out separately and get it out there as soon as possible," said Hazzikostas in video , "In fact, just a few weeks from now, weeks Dire Maul dungeon October 15 will be broadcast worldwide on the Classics."

This is an exciting time to be a fan of WoW. WoW Classic will be strong, Battle Azeroth is getting some much-needed update, and Blizzard seems to generally be more enthusiastic about the franchise than they have been in years. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer cheapest world of warcraft classic gold for players.