ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore is an International Organization that set globally acceptable standards for all types of Industries with common agreed terms and conditions. It has published several standards to all sectors of business and each standard serves a different purpose.

ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore set requirements of Quality Management Systems (QMS) for an Organization irrespective of its size (Small/ Medium/ Large), type, and sector. Quality mainly consists of: development, application and evaluation of the work policies. The Quality Management Concept was introduced to the business world to ensure through Integration of process efficiency and people responsibility, outcome of whether product or service meets specific standards. This standard is used across all sectors of business, but is more prevalent in some than others.

ISO 9001 standard in Bangalore requires certification. ISO 9001 Implementation in Iraq organization only defines standards, it do not deal with providing any ISO standard certification to Organizations. It is important to get ISO 9001 Certification in Iraq for any Organization so that it can function with easy.

This ISO 9001 Consultant services in Dubai does apply to Health care Industry that deals with general healthcare and the critical healthcare. The QMS was first introduced into Health care system when media threw the light on the huge number of deceased patients due to medical errors. A study showed in 1998, a number ranging from 44 to 98 thousand patients died due to medical errors in the Country United States alone. With globalization and increased competition mandated need for solid quality standard in Health care System.

The main concern in Quality of Health Care system is the process of evaluation. The evaluation here refers to know about current Quality standard that is been followed; Quality definition in Organization and the process to achieve efficient Quality Management System. It can be done by assessment of these main elements listed below:

  1. Infrastructure of Hospital – It refers to the Building and machinery etc
  2. Efficiency of Human resources – It refers to the people who are working in the Hospital
  3. Validation of internal process and procedures followed with in Hospital
  4. The adequacy of the outcome

This steps of evaluation, plan, implement in Quality is continuous process to assess areas of weakness, plan to overcome them, applying improvements and re-evaluating it.

An ISO 9001 Certification in Iraq to a Hospital means that it has implemented Quality Management System requirements in its following resources: -   a. Facilities b. People c. Training d. Services  e. Equipment

The major benefits of an ISO 9001 certified Hospitals in Iraq are:-

  1. Trust and confidence of the customer and clients.
  2. Efficient procedures to keep track of every detail such as document system, patient safety etc
  3. Ability to compete well as it gives competitive edge over other Organizations.
  4. Provides strong Customer feedback to improve efficient process.
  5. It reduces time and money as we would have proper preventive procedures in place for prevention of medical errors, machinery damage, patient safety etc
  6. A continuous improvement in operational procedures enables high operational efficiency.

Finally follow process for applying ISO 9001 Certification services in Iraq by taking help from ISO Certification consultants.

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