In today’s time, everyone wishes to have the perfect hair, just like celebrities. However, due to the polluted environment and trying different hair care products, people end up causing more damage to their hair. Most of the hair products contain chemicals that cause harm and weaken the hair from roots which results in hair fall. In addition, styling your hair continuously without providing proper nourishment to hair can deteriorate the quality of the hair.

Many people still use the traditional methods taught by their ancestors to keep their hair healthy and strong. As there are numerous ways to provide required nutrients to the hair, people get confused regarding which method will perfectly suit their hair type. Apart from this, many people don’t even know the type or texture of their hair and start using random hair products by watching commercials on TV or the Internet. A lot of TV commercials manipulate the audience to get their products sold. So, it is essential you know what the texture of your hair is and what exactly your hair needs. 

If you are also one of those who struggle to get perfectly strong, thick, and strong hair, it is high time you consult the professionals. Hairstylist experts of reliable and trusted brands like VLCC give proper guidance and help you make your frizzy, dull, thin, and damaged hair strong and shiny. Apart from this, they also provide hairstyling tips and how you can keep your hair healthy. However, below are some hair care and styling tips you can follow to improve the texture of your hair. 

  1. Do oiling once or twice a week:

Massaging your scalp with oil helps in increasing the lustre, moisture, and shine of the hair. Whether you want to avoid chemicals or looking for a suitable hair care product, natural oils like argan, almond, coconut, grapeseed, and jojoba oil lock the moisture on your hair. Besides, oiling your hair once or twice a week provides essential minerals and vitamins necessary to keep your hair healthy. 

  1. Avoid tying your hair tightly:

If the texture of your hair is very thin, you must not tie your hair tightly as it will lead to more hair fall. Even if your hair texture is thick, you should avoid tying them for a long period as it weakens the hair from roots which eventually causes more hair damage. However, one must know the exact texture and type of their hair to try different hair care products or styling depending on what suits best on their hair. For this, one should take advice from the professionals of trusted brands like VLCC before styling their hair or using any hair care product. 

  1. Use a hair mask once a week:

There are different ways of preparing hair masks at home. You must use a mask suitable for your hair type and provide nourishment to your hair without causing any damage. It is recommended to use a hair mask at least once a week to keep your hair thick, shiny, and strong. 

  1. Always use conditioner after hair wash:

Conditioning the hair after hair wash is essential to lock the moisture and shine. It helps in providing additional softness and adds more shine to hair. Also, using required conditional after every wash makes the hair frizz-free and untangles the hair without breaking them. However, if you want to style your hair after the hair wash, it is recommended not to use the conditioner as it makes the hair soft due which styling your hair becomes difficult. 

  1. Avoid washing hair with hot water:

Using hot water to wash your hair makes them weak, dry, and dull. In addition, the high temperature of water leads to breakage and frizzy hair. So, always wash your hair with cold water, or you can use lukewarm water. 

These are some of the best hair care and styling tips you must include in your hair care routine to keep them healthy. However, some people do not want to use homemade products or are tired of using the traditional methods. If you are also one of them and don’t want to waste your time because of your busy lifestyle, you must take assistance from the experts. The professional teams of reliable brands like VLCC have the proper knowledge about your hair needs. VLCC’s expert team has got you covered; from hair styling tools and hair care products to how-to’s, they assist you in every possible way. Apart from this, they provide various hair care services in their salons. You can book your appointment via phone and their website, or you can go to your nearest VLCC salon to get the best hair care services. 

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