While it is true that we already know what Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgeons is and have an idea of ​​traditional marketing, we would like to delve into their differences so that they can be identified from each other.

Let's review some brief concepts where we will find several differences:

Traditional marketing:

- Your focus is on sales, so you will focus your efforts on what is related to products or services.

- Generally, it uses direct sales channels, such as the press, radio, television, events, printed materials, among others.

- Its segmentation is done taking into account data such as age, location, purchasing power, and level of education.

- Communication is linear. Messages are broadcast through the mass media to influence the purchase decision of the target customer. In this case, the recipient of the message does not have the possibility of generating a direct response.

- The message will reach people without access to the network and who prefer to consume mass media.

 - For Plastic Surgery Advertising, it is necessary to develop a commercial where production will be required, the contract for spaces on TV, radio, or print media.

- Its effectiveness is measured through satisfaction surveys and levels of tuning, these resources need to be analyzed and tabulated.

Digital marketing:

- Use tools from the digital environment to have direct communication with users and their needs.

- The channels used by the platform are web pages, social networks, CRM, landing pages, email marketing, among others.

- Segment considering factors such as the interests and tastes of your target audience, as well as age, income, geo-location, and educational level.

- Communication is bilateral and interactive. This creates a relationship between brands and users. Live reactions and responses are allowed, generating closer ties and the possibility of adapting the message according to the needs of the public.

- The execution of the strategy will only be made available to the target audience with internet access.

- In this case, a large budget is not required for the execution of digital strategies. Although it may be free at first, it may take an amount of money to reach more people with digital advertising.

- It is fully measurable because there are Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Trends tools where the effectiveness and scope of actions are calculated in real-time.

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