It is time to OSRS GP reform the system to ensure that it can be used in PvP. The current combat system is way too powerful and offensively based for PvP. Perhaps adding defensive capabilities to the combat system and reducing ability to attack, at the very least when players are present could be a step forward. I would also listen to the suggestions of players. Jagex has been at this for quite a while, even if it's not at 100% efficiency.

We've just completed one world events and are now more than halfway to the next. This is an excellent opportunity to compare and determine which one we prefer. I enjoyed the first better, partly because it was brand new and I had a more compelling incentive to take part (get warpriest, which I thought was likely to be the most powerful freeplay armor. It was nerfed, though. These are additional reasons.

1, The loser will not be killed off. Bandos will create a storyline (such as the one of the cave goblin) go through a period of loss of effectiveness. While the quests may be from the past, what's the point if he just goes to death? Zamorak was kicked off the very first quest. However, I believe that he's still in Runescape and has an active and loyal fan base. He isn't even close to dead and appears in Missing Presumed Death. (I presume this takes place following the first world event).

2, Central central location. The Bird and the Beast event is spread across the freeplay community. It's harder to comprehend the events if they're happening across the world. I knew what needed to be done immediately with the Lumbridge event, while I screwed around for an hour in Bird and the Beast and did not know the details. Maybe I'm slow in my thinking, and I think complexity is good for me, but it is frequently overlooked in life.

3. Experience. Most people love the free constructionxp. When I did it I only got 1 per hour and probably at a rate of around 5k/hour. It could be because I only have 26 pieces of construction.

4, Even sides. It's something buy rs3 gold Jagex and I are unable to control, however it makes the event a lot more fun when everyone is equal. Everybody knew Saradomin was going to win the first event, but it was at least a little closer. PvP can be a major issue which is the reason why people are more vocal.