Are you or your child notifying abnormal bumps on feet that may be prompting you discomfort or pain? Warts are a consequence of a common viral infection of the skin that occurs in bumpy growth on the surface or sole. Although plantar warts are found most commonly in young children, they can emerge in adults as well. Plantar warts are normally caused by the use of public showers, skin trauma or a weakened immune system. Warts characteristically resolve immediately, but warts removal treatment in Dubai is required if they are influencing your ability to walk, or causing you discomfort and pain.

When should you seek medical attention? Wart treatment is available if you or your child wants the wart removed or if severe pain, redness, bleeding or swelling develops. 

Although wart removal is available, there are ways in which you can protect your feet from plantar wart development. Dr. Haro recommends following these prevention tips:

  • Avoid walking barefoot. Use shower shoes when at public facilities to keep your feet protected from contracting an infection that can lead to wart development.
  • Change shoes & socks every day and keep your foot dry and clean.
  • Check your feet regularly for signs and symptoms of plantar warts.
  • Don’t ignore growths on your feet or changes in your skin.

Don’t let plantar warts get in the way of having healthy and clean looking feet! Contact our office to set up an appointment with Laser Skin Care if you’re experiencing discomfort due to warts that may require removal. Let us help you obtain healthy feet!