After you retiree, you may want to shift to housing facilities for seniors. They are popular for the numerous benefits they offer to their residents. These options may include independent housing, 55+ community, or active adult community. Each type of housing facility has a unique feature. Read below to find out more. 

What are active adult communities and 55+ communities?

The active adult community has become a common choice for many retirees who are 55 or older and do not require all the amenities and services of the traditional senior living community. Many retired adults or those nearing age whose children have left home and want to live in a small house can opt for an active adult community like Willow Run Living. 

The 55+ community in Ohio may include traditional single-family homes, a luxurious house, a condo, or other housing plans. Moreover, these communities also include numerous activities such as a swimming pool, conference hall, fitness center, and many more. They also offer you a maintenance-free lifestyle where you don't need to worry about appliance repair, building repair, or lawn maintenance. The active adult community likes Willow Run Living offers seven years of warranties on their home. However, they do not include housekeeping services, meals, and health care facilities like traditional senior living.

The active adult community and 55+ community in Ohio are similar in every aspect. The only difference is that in 55+ communities, only retired who are above 55 years old are allowed, whereas active adult communities may offer flexibility in age requirement. 

What is independent housing?

Independent housing facilities are designed especially for seniors, mostly with an age limit of 65. The residents live independently in a safe environment and take care of themselves. They may not require day-to-day assistance but, if required, can use the service of a care provider. 

The difference between independent living housing and 55+ community?

A 55+ community is designed for active adults who do not require any assistance. It may not include meal plans, wellness checks, or care. However, these young adult communities like Willow Run Living are established closer to hospitals, shopping malls, and restaurants. 

In independent living housing, you may be offered a level of assistance such as linen delivery, laundry services, or meal. However, if you require continuous help with dressing, regular medical assistance, or using the toilet, nursing homes and assisted housing is the perfect choice for you. 

The Bottom Line

When you retire, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Make a choice based on the level of assistance you may need in your old age and your vision of an ideal community.