Industrial floors are usually high traffic areas. They come across heavy machinery and forklift that result in dirt and oil as well as exposed to different cleaning products and chemicals. Naturally, the concrete surface peels and cracks under all that pressure. This is where you can seek the assistance of Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors. They will apply the Epoxy floor coatings that ensure the utmost protection. Make sure you hire a reputed and highly experienced contractor team for this job. 

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

When we talk about Epoxy, it is a chemical that cures when it is mixed with a hardening agent. Due to its highly effective results, Epoxy resin is widely involved in different areas such as industrial, catering, food factories, warehouses, workshops and garage floor coverings, which may take the form of a screed several millimetres thick, or a thinner coating of epoxy paint. 

The resulting surface is of course a hardwearing and strongly wear resistant. Epoxy Floor Coating undoubtedly offers durability, excellent resistance to chemicals, oil and grease with very low odour during applications and curing.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

Longevity- Epoxy is undoubtedly one of the best floor coatings to use. It ensures high longevity, but mostly it depends on its environment and proper installation. They are mostly known to last for decades, but in industrial areas specifically, it needs to be recoated in every 5 or 10 years (As per the use).

Durable- Industrial flooring with epoxy coatings can survive high traffic while preventing wear and tear. And its layers of resins or hardeners make it possible. You don’t need to bother about crack or scratch. However, it requires minimal maintenance.

Less maintenance- Industrial concrete floors with epoxy coating need very little maintenance. All you just need is to have ammonia and water for stains and spills can be wiped up from the surface easily. Also, you don’t need to worry about any damage to the floor with regular cleaning.

Protection & safety- With epoxy floor coating, there will be less stains, oil, dirt and minimum wear and tear. It will also help to combat any freeze/thaw cycle cracking and corrosion. It ensures slip, impact, heat, and fire resistance. High gloss floor coatings can even enhance brightness in a work area that will boost the overall beauty. You can operate vehicles and industrial equipment sans any hassle.

Affordable- The installation process of it can be easy when performed by professional Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors. The cost of epoxy is practically inexpensive as compared to other industrial floorings in terms of less cleaning and maintenance and durability.

Resistant- It is stain-resistant as well as water, germ, and bacteria resistant. Epoxy protects concrete from hostile chemicals, acids, alkalis and solvents that destroy the surface. 

Design- Customers can choose different colors, textures and applications of epoxy floor coatings to apply in different patterns. It can revamp a variety of working environments. It promotes aesthetically gloss shine.

However, only expert and skilled Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors can get this job done easily and precisely. For the best deal, you can visit