If you are looking for ways to Find My Lost Super or to search for any of the unclaimed super, the ATO have the option for superannuation search tools. Usually all you require is the TFN also known as Tax File Number and, when you wish to transfer the unclaimed super to the preferred super fund, the membership of the super fund number also.


What do we mean about lost and unclaimed super?

If you have ever changed the jobs, or held the second job which paid the superannuation, so it is possible that you have even lost or about Find My Super Australia that you does not even know. However, billions of the dollars in the unclaimed as well as lost super are recently being held by the super funds and the ATO Lost Super Search.

Quite Often, super is also held by fund into which it gets paid, and may also still remain idle – particularly when the super fund is not able to contact you. It is commonly known to be the lost super. In past, super funds usually hold small and the inactive accounts that have transferred super money to AUSfund where it gets held until it is claimed.

From 31 October, the small as well as inactive accounts – these with the less than $6,000 and they does not have received the contribution for 16 months – will also be transferred to ATO Find My Super, who attempt for matching the funds with the members of the active account (one which has been attaining the contributions). In case there is no such active account found, the money will remain with ATO till the time it is claimed by individual. It is also known to be unclaimed super.

It is yet your super though, and also you are able to claim them as well as transfer them to the preferred super fund.

-        Lost super

The Funds should report as Lost Super Australia to ATO at least twice a year. However the super laws consist of an extensive definition of while the super should be treated being ‘lost’. This might include the situations where:

-        you stay to be ‘uncontactable’ – the fund do not have the recent address and has also been unable to contact, and you also have had not any such contributions and rollovers in the account in last 12 months.

-        The account is known to be ‘inactive’ – not any contributions and rollovers are received into the account in last 5 years.

In very particular circumstances, the funds should even be even treat lost super accounts being the unclaimed money as well as transfer the entire amount of the balances to ATO. It might also include where does the lost super account gets considered to become ‘small’ or even ‘insoluble’ also fund do not have adequate details and information about you to verify the reasonably entitlement to super balance.

-        Unclaimed super

The Unclaimed super is quite different to be lost super. ‘Unclaimed super’ mainly refers to super which is quite eligible to be withdrawn from the super fund, however the fund also has been unable to contact. The Unclaimed super might include super of the fund members who is more than 65 and also the non-member spouses as well as the deceased members.